The Fault in Our Stars


Hello lovelies!

I went to see the most talked about film of the moment and I can only be talking about ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ of course, based on the book by John Green. As a John Green fan, I had read the book and absolutely loved it. (If you haven’t read it then I strongly suggest that you do). Because I had read the book I was a little dubious about seeing the film in case it didn’t live up to the standards of the book. Whilst it didn’t go into huge detail on some theories and discussions written in the book, it was actually very¬†good and rather close!

I didn’t really agree with the casting, I don’t think that Ansel Elgort would be my first choice of Augustus Waters but Shailene Woodley made a brilliant Hazel. The film included all of my favourite and the important scenes from the book and depicted them well. The emotion was there on screen when it needed to be and, in response, the emotion was in the cinema room!

What I liked most about the film was the added humour. It was a sad film, of course, and brutally honest about terminal illness, but the humour was there, in the teenage angst, in the way the protagonists teased each other and in their witty remarks. It made the film so much more special and really emphasised the fact that there is much more to a person than just their terminal illness and that it doesn’t have to take over their life and that what they have of life is precious and should still be lived and loved and enjoyed.

I loved every minute of the film (and wept throughout a notable proportion of it).

It was raw, it was tragic, it was beautiful, full of unconditional love, friendship and brutal honesty.

Strongly recommend,

Hannah x


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