The Happy Pigeon


Hello lovelies,

I’m not really going to write a story about a happy pigeon, though I did genuinely think about doing so. I’m writing this in the second week of September but it will probably go live the beginning of October. I thought it might be nice for you to have a pretty picture of a colourful scene that I photographed, in the last few days of Summer.

I was wandering through Hyde Park and I was a little grumpy. I had been having some off days where a few things were contributing to my low mood and I had gotten out of the house for a day that cost me no more than a bus ride to try and find something exciting in London that wouldn’t cost the Earth.

I was successful in my quest, as you will have seen by now, I discovered the art exhibition at the Serpentine Sackler gallery.

Anyways, upon finding this little corner of Hyde Park filled with stones, pretty flowers and fountains, none of those captured my interest. What intrigued me was this little happy pigeon fellow, perched comfortably on a chunky linked chain, taking the blue skies in. (Well, I can’t really vouch for what this little pigeon friend was looking at or thinking of, but I’d really like to think it was positive).

I just thought it looked beautiful. All of it. The warm sun on the back of my neck, the peace of this private little garden, the serenity of the varying shades of greens in contrast with the wooden pole and the delicate hint of pink in the flower that wrapped around it. So I slowly approached the scene, involved myself in it and took a photograph. This is probably my favourite photograph of all that I have taken.

And my point is…fancy that. My all time favourite photograph is this. A pigeon as the subject on an afternoon where I was miserable as hell, stomping through the park.

It cheered me up and I was able to enjoy the day, capturing other beautiful photographs but I just wanted to show it to you lot because I really like it and every time I look at it, I remind myself that it is the littlest of things that can make the biggest difference to your day and your attitude.

I hope, you too, can find your happy pigeon. What is it that can cheer you up in an instant?

H x



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