The Marble Collector


Hello lovelies,

I have completed one book of twenty for my Good Reads 2016 challenge and that first book which kicked off the reading year for me was The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern.

I have bought and adored a few Cecelia Ahern novels so when I spotted this in Waterstones- and when my lovely boyfriend Adam also spotted it, I was very chuffed that he bought it for me for Christmas! That being said, I felt like this was a very different book to the kind that Ahern usually writes. It was less of a chick-lit quick read and more of an in-depth story which focused on the protagonist’s father and his secret life.

Mother of three, Sabrina, leads a mundane and repetitive life until one day, just twenty four hours on a day off from work and from motherhood completely turns her world upside down and has her hunting down clues to piece together what is missing, both from her father’s mystery marble collection and their past. Sabrina’s father has lost his memory due to a stroke and so not even he can answer her questions when a few boxes filled with marbles is delivered to her father’s home. Sabrina has to contact various friends and family of her father’s to discover his past, his connection to the marbles and a whole side to her father and part of his life that was kept secret from her but, most interestingly, finds herself and sets herself on the right track in the process.

This book was split into two voices; that of Sabrina’s and that of her father’s but her father’s side was most intriguing and was split into past and present so that we could learn of his history as well as his unfortunate position at present. I thought this novel was so cleverly written because ever so slowly the mysteries are solved for the reader as clues that Sabrina finds are referenced within her father’s recollection of memories allowing us to place them and what happened.

It was a really good book, obviously carefully researched and cleverly put together and I enjoyed it despite being surprised by it. It’s probably a really good start to 2016 to be reading something I don’t think I would typically pick up!

Hannah x


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