The Peculiarity of Dreams

Hello lovelies,

Some people believe that dreams are meaningless while other people claim that they give a huge insight into a person’s subconscious. Either way, I think we can all agree that dreams can be just plainĀ weird! I thought I would share with you one of my most recent dreams that I just cannot reason with.

Firstly, I was with two of my girlfriends and it felt like we were at a festival somewhere; it was dark and muddy and then we realised, as it was so dark, that we were late for something so we urgently rushed to a shop where my friends told me we were going to buy chihuahua outfits from. (No idea why).

When we got to said shop there was a huge queue of people and no outfits left in the shop. We did not worry over it. Instead, we jumped the queue and decided to buy soft toys- but not just any soft toys. For whatever reason, my imagination created the weirdest teddy bears I have ever seen! I purchased a cuddly toy which was a bear on the bottom half, a giraffe on the top half with the face at the end of the giraffe neck being an orange cut in half!? What does that even mean?!

The shopkeepers were angry that we had skipped the queue and, as strange as it sounds, angrily offered the three of us haircuts! So we said yes and my two friends sat in the two hairdressing chairs and I waited for it to be turn. However, the hairstyles did not go to plan. My friend on the right was complaining that the woman had shaved her head- and not just that, apparently she thought that the woman had shaved her head too quickly for it to be perfect. She was shouting that she had done a bad job of it! My friend on the left was not satisfied either; she was screaming because her hairdresser was pulling on her hair too hard.

Needless to say, when the first hairdresser free came to get me I RAN! I ran as fast as my legs would take me, jumping over various obstacles. The hairdresser shouted at me that she was not coming to get me, she was getting something to sharpen her scissors. This sounded like a threat and only made me run faster! Whilst running away, I bumped into my mother who was hanging about in a white corridor with a man who was half human and half puppet! They stalled my escape by telling me all about the show that this puppet man was on his way to. When they finally left for the show I decided that I needed to hide to make up for lost time where I wasn’t running.

I threw myself against the white corridor and ended up in a big beautiful garden. Everything in the garden, from flowers to leaves, were so much bigger than me. My dream self called it the garden of Eden! I felt at peace and safe. It was the nicest ending to a peculiar dream.

What was that dream about?! If anyone can enlighten me then please do.

Otherwise, what has your strangest dream been? Do you think they mean anything?

Hannah x


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