The Perfect Red Lip: Loreal ft Selfie!

Hello lovelies,

Christmas and the festive season is over but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up the red lip! It is a classic and timeless look and the easiest way of adding colour to your face quickly or adding that pretty pop to your make up routine.

As a woman with the most sensitive lips ever, I’m not a regular friend of lipstick. I buy lipsticks but very few actually make it into my cosmetic collection because if I wear it once and it irritates my lips or dries them out, I will bin it. I have my very small collection of my favourites (including Rimmel’s moisture renew lipsticks which I highly recommend to anyone else with dry lips) and I have recently added this little beauty.


After careful consideration of the colours on offer- a mix from pinky reds that are warm to classic cold and unapologetic reds, I chose this one: Blake, obviously named after Blake Lively.

I first tried this out on Christmas eve. I applied the lipstick around 9am and took it off at 9:45pm – the colour only a little faded but still nearly as strong as it had been when I had applied it. I was so impressed! Most of the time I have to carry my lipsticks with me for multiple reapplications throughout the day but the staying power of this lipstick seems too good to be true! It wasn’t a slow day either, I had cinnamon waffles for breakfast, went shopping in the morning, it rained on me, I drank bubbly and tea and then a coffee and then went to the pub for ‘an hour’ which turned into four. My lipstick had survived the weather, the food, the drink and the few drinks thereafter at the pub, lots of talking and catching up and survived everything!

I then came home, cuddled the kittens, munched through a bag of crisps, took an hour nap, had another cup of coffee, a plateful of lasagne, a hot chocolate a while later and a bubble bath!

The colour is super pigmented red but it’s a warm shade with subtle undertones of dark pink which I was grateful for because I didn’t want a cold and blunt red colour as it just pales me out more.


It applies smoothly and really easily and can be wiped off if you’re rubbish at your heart shaped upper lip like I am! That being said, it sets rather quickly into its matte state which is what keeps it on all day!

It hasn’t dried my lips out at all which is crazy because they’re really sensitive and seem to chap and crack at the slightest hint of wind or tiniest bit of lip product but they feel oddly nourished and moisturised despite a twelve hour day of lipstick. I have since been informed that there are jojoba oils in this lipstick so that could be why, either way I’m grateful for a matte lipstick that gives me super pigmented colour without leaving me dabbing 8 hour cream onto my lips for days after!

This is a really affordable but luxurious feeling and genuinely incredible lipstick to add to your collection when you get a chance.

Hannah x


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