The perfect trio! Bedhead Tigi styleshots ‘Epic Volume’ shampoo, conditioner and ‘Superstar’ thickening spray!

P1010646I’m always up for haircare products that promote and create volume as I have fine hair. I have actually owned these products for a while but recently rediscovered them and they are suddenly my favourites once more!

The shampoo and conditioner are part of the ‘style shots’ range and they promise ‘epic volume’. They smell like strawberries and are almost gel-like in consistency. The shampoo lathers extensively, ensuring a thorough cleanse of your hair and scalp. I can always achieve that ‘squeeky clean’ moment when using this shampoo!

The conditioner smells similar to the shampoo but is creamier in texture and sits nicely on the ends of my hair. It nourishes the ends of my hair enough so as to keep it healthy but it doesn’t weigh it down and make it greasy.

The thickening spray is amazing. You spray it on your roots before you blowdry your hair and the roots lift dramatically. It gives such a booster to my fine hair.

It is the perfect trio for big nights out!

Hannah x


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