The Thorpe Park Challenge

Hello lovelies,

So the other day my friend, Megan, turned up at my door early in the morning and spontaneously suggested that we go to Thorpe Park. Having never been there before I thought, what the hell why not and off we went. When we got there Megan found something called the ‘Thorpe Park Challenge’ which was basically to go on the five biggest rides at the park which were: Saw, Collosus, The Swarm, Nemesis Inferno and Stealth.

I’m sure that some of you will know what exactly these rides are but to summarise in short: Saw is a quite a reasonably long ride which is fairly rough in that you get hoisted up vertically and then dropped a few times and twisted around and it sort of bashes your head in a bit (this was my least favourite ride, can you tell?) Collossus is an older roller coaster which has a lot of twists and loops and was a little rickety. It was also reasonably long so this is one I would actually queue for. The Swarm was a ride I had already heard of but only because I used to be a HUGE fan of You Me at Six and they sang a song for the advert. It was supposed to be some sort of plane crash/end of the world scene and you get on a ride which has creepy faces, presumably imitating the aliens who are, apparently, taking over the world. (The News clip played on the televisions in the queue are supposed to explain this but they weren’t really loud enough to hear).

Nemesis Inferno was basically Air (if you’ve ever been to Alton Towers), except you get a bit wet because they put steam in it somewhere for whatever reason. It’s just super twisty turny. Stealth was the fastest ride I have ever been on. You literally get on it, it shoots you at 80mph up a 205ft incline and then you fly down the other side and voila, it’s all over.

We completed the challenge and tried collecting selfies at each one but they’re too awful to publish!

It was a really fun day and it’s good to be spontaneous sometimes.

Hannah x


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