There is Something in a Room…

Hello lovelies,

I am currently in the process of packing up my university room and all my belongings because I have to move out soon. I am finding lots of funny little things from various days or nights out and am beginning to piece together memories of my fresher year. Needless to say, I am feeling pretty sentimental about it all and it got me thinking about everything that has happened in this little university room. ‘If the walls could speak’ ay?

I think the history of a room is really interesting and I am quite sad to leave behind my little room which has held some memories that the next person to live in it will be completely oblivious to.

It contained my anxiousness as I unpacked all my belongings on the first day, it groaned as I moved my furniture about a hundred times to get it just how I like it, it witnessed a lot of excitement as I got ready for nights out and also a lot of stumbling in late and laying on my bathroom floor! It saw a break up, new friendships, about 10 books either read or thrown across the room in frustration, a new relationship, a thousand cups of coffee, five presentation write ups with twenty hours of procrastination, five formal essays with fifty hours of procrastination, four ‘I’m just not going to make it’ all nighters, two ‘I can’t do it, I just cannot do it’ breakdowns, around thirty hours of youtube videos, sixty pieces of paper scrunched up and thrown at the bin, several ‘Just resting my eyes’ naps and finally, my packing up and cleaning it ready for the next person’s adventures.

I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what you’ll study or where you will have travelled from…but I hope you look after the room as good as I did and I hope your fresher year is just as exciting as mine was.

Hannah x


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