3 Books on my TBR Shelf

I’m making a commitment to my wellbeing to read 100 pages of a book daily! If you’re also a book lover, or part of Hannah’s Happy Book Club, here are three books in my TBR that you’re going to receive great discounts on!

books in my TBR

The Essex Serpent

The prettiest of books on my TBR shelf! I am currently reading, critically acclaimed, The Essex Serpent. It is a historical mystery fiction novel set in London. I have read the first 100 pages so far and am absolutely hooked. What is lurking in the waters? How did it get there? As a Londoner, I am also living for the dedication to detail of all the London streets, their smells and atmospheres and what the author pictures them to have been like all those years ago. It’s a really descriptive and tense read and I hope it’s as good as the positive things I have heard! If you’d like to read along with me, purchase your copy here.


The Miniaturist

I am incredibly late on the bandwagon to this one! The Miniaturist is a few years old now and had one of the biggest marketing campaigns I’ve ever known for a book. There were television adverts and billboards everywhere telling you to buy it! Another mystery novel, it’s set in 17th century Amsterdam. The protagonist, Nellie, moves house to live with her new husband, whom she barely knows. She sets about filling one of her wedding gifts, a beautiful dollhouse. To do this, she requires the help of the miniaturist. During her time at the new house, she learns all kinds of secrets and comments frequently on the wealthy society. Further than that, I’m not sure what it’s about but I hope it’s as good as everyone says! Try The Miniaturist with me, buy your copy here!


The Ministry of Utmost Happiness

This is apparently a very marmite novel. I have strange taste in books – I don’t like romance or slush but I adore fantasy and mystery. This is a literary novel, with intense description and decorative prose. Set in India, the book tours the country following a third gender called Anjum. The story begins when she moves to a rather uninspiring place, where other unwanted members of society live together. Anjum meets a number of interesting characters such as Tilo and all those who loved her. The book is about human nature and trying. The author, Arundhati Roy, is an activist of social justice and economic inequality and I can’t wait to read a story so completely different to everything else on the market! Especially as this was a Man Booker nominee! Read along with me by buying your copy here!


Let me know your thoughts on the books in the comments, if you’ve read or are reading any of the above. I’d love to hear from you!


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