Three Cheers For Three Years

As you probably saw on Instagram and Snapchat, I took some time off from work for a few days in October! Adam and I were unsure of whether or not we would go on holiday hence taking the time off just in case. Whilst we only got to have a staycation, it was definitely well appreciated! Here are the things we got up to – and three cheers for three years!











We spent our first night of freedom enjoying some spooky Halloween activities such as pumpkin carving and watching some scary movies. We got up early the following day to head to Brighton for a spot of sun, pebbles and sea! We took a beach walk, watched the waves, strolled through the lanes, enjoyed tea and scones and spent the afternoon on the pier watching children be dive-bombed by seagulls. It was very romantic.

We headed back to the greatest city in the world and flung open our flat to find my entire family waiting inside! We all had dinner together and caught up and it was lovely! (Then the house across the road burned down which was devastating).

The day after, we all had a lay in, got ready and headed to Leicester Square to celebrate my brother’s birthday with good food and good shops. After dinner, my parents insisted on helping us buy Christmas decorations and so our very first proper Christmas decorations (which are beautiful by the way!) have been generously gifted to us from my lovely ‘rents!

We ended our three year anniversary with movies and memories!



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