3 Things Every Girl Boss Should Have

Being a self-employed girl boss has been uncharted territory! I am the first among family and friends to make the jump and so there has been plenty to figure out. Something I want everyone to know is that freelancing is not being at home – it is never leaving the office! I’ve suffered stress and still do and here are the three things that have helped me the most.


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Ergonomic Office Chair

Sorry to start boring! I am the proud owner of some beautiful designer desk chairs that I’ve had since university but sitting at my desk for ten hours a day gave me back ache. The main issue was the lack of height to the chair and it’s stylish shape did not resemble the human back! It took me months of back pain to buy an ergonomic chair. This chair is super affordable, comfortable, breathable and somewhat of a miracle! Every girl boss should take care of their back!


Reusable Heat Pack 

The first time I used a wheat bag was as a dancer for pains and strains! I continue to swear by them. These handy little products come in a variety of sizes but I like them long to sit on my shoulders. Give your shoulders a little squeeze right now. Are they sore? If you work in an office or at home, hunched over a desk, there’ll probably be lots of tension there. These wheat bags are affordable and reusable! All they need is a whizz in the microwave and they retain heat for around two hours. Protect your skin from burns but revel in the muscles being soothed!



Green is good. Plants are your friend! NASA approved air purifying plants are even better! Adding some greenery to your desk can give you a fresher looking environment and improve your health. Why do you think HR have a budget for improving office surroundings? Whether you’re into decor or not, whether you’re a plant killer or not, get yourself something easy to look after. On my desk, I have a Sharon from Patch. She’s easy to get along with, doesn’t ask for much and quietly thrives, whilst cleaning the air I breathe. Isn’t she great? Every girl boss needs plants in their office surroundings.


Take care of your work and take care of your body! If you’re not 100%, you can’t give and produce 100%!


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