Three Things You Should do Immediately in Your New Home

In the last five years, I have moved to a new home four times so now I know a thing or two about moving. I also know a thing or two about renting! Moving house is stressful so always make time to enjoy it but there are certain things I recommend you do immediately!

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Ensure the new house is professionally cleaned

If you’re with a good estate agent, your new home should already be pretty clean. It doesn’t hurt to double check. Whenever we move, we book, or ensure our landlord has booked, a professional clean of the property just before we move in. You have enough happening on moving day to discover that you’re putting plates in dirty cupboards! Even if a cleaner has already been booked for you, it’s useful to get to know the local services, especially if you’re looking to use them in the future!


Change the loo seat 

I am always surprised by the many people who don’t think to do this. It’s so important to change your toilet seat the moment you move into a new home. When you do so, you’ll probably see how rusted the hinges are and how dirty the toilet seat really is. There is no guarantee that it isn’t years old and you don’t know how well it’s been treated by previous tenants! Always change your toilet seat for a new one. If you’re renting, store the old one for the sake of the inventory and reinstall it when you leave. If you’ve bought the new home, just go ahead and chuck the disgusting thing away!


Get connected 

Internet providers are useless. Just accept that as a rule of thumb. Since lots of us are freelance or get to work from home occasionally, getting connected is important! I recommend calling two weeks ahead to get your appointment booked in for moving day! This is especially important if you encounter problems within the new home on the day when you’ll be wanting a phone or the internet!



It’s easy to forget things when you’re moving house but be sure not to forget these three things!


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