Thunderstorms, Jobs, Long Way Home, Update…

Hello lovelies,

I pretty much update you guys on my whereabouts and doings once a month and as I haven’t been able to write recently because I’ve been so busy, this is kind of all I have to offer right now. So, I’ll start from the beginning…

London has seen a fair share of thunderstorms this week and, although I really hate thunder, it’s kind of nice not to have nearly unbearable heat and surprise sunburn. I like to get snug and cosy in a jumper and relax, not going anywhere just because it’s raining. Lightning is also thoroughly entertaining when you can’t sleep at night!

I’ve been really busy lately looking for jobs. Last year, my fresher year of university, I looked for work but at the wrong time of the year so instead of making money I just ended up spending it. Knowing better than last year, I started looking for jobs the moment I moved in here in the summer and as a result- or perhaps just an incredible bout of luck, I nabbed myself two! So with two part- time jobs, university studies and still clinging onto a social life, I’m going to be a little busy this year. But also considerably well off, well dressed and perhaps I’ll even get to go on holiday!

I think both jobs are going to be good for me. I had a little bit of a nightmare on my first day though as, naturally, everything went wrong. The bus on the way there didn’t actually go there it went somewhere else so I had to jump off and grab another one. Then on the way back, at 11pm, in the dark and in the rain, the bus didn’t turn up on time. Night buses don’t come as regularly so I waited half an hour outside in the pouring rain at night, tired and miserable. Then the bus that I got on literally only went a few stops and then the bus driver literally just stopped and announced that he was terminating there.

Instead of explaining anything to us, we were just given the boot. I only knew what was going on because a nice man decided to argue with the bus driver before announcing a plan B: walk in the rain from just outside Hammersmith to the other side of Hammersmith Bridge and then catch a bus from there. So I did just that. But that bus didn’t show. I stood in the rain for another twenty minutes, before running into a friend from university who decided that she had already had enough of public transport failures and wanted to get a taxi. Since we live in the same place she insisted that I take the taxi too.

Although the day was a little disastrous and even though I was freezing cold and soaked through, the end of the day was really nice. My friend ensuring that I got home safe and sound was really generous and caring and it was one of those moments that just restore your faith in humanity.

Anyway, things are looking up. Hannah’s happy,

Hannah x


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