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My OCD has been unbearable lately and with a lot on my plate- and even more so when I start term in September, I decided that I needed to get my butt into gear and make sure that I have a realistic plan of how I am going to balance everything out without dropping anything.

So I dug out all my books for uni, made a timetable which includes my seminars, lectures, nannying job, retail job and uni reading time. I also made a sort of to- do list board- or as I called it, a ‘Get your shit together’ notice board. ¬†Check it out!


I decided that this year I will remain organised by using different¬†notebooks, divided by subject so as to keep everything together but not cross notes. Last year everything was in one notebook and barely readable. This year they will be neat and organised! I am also making a resolution, with you lot as my witnesses, that I will read more of the compulsory reading this year. I have tried to schedule in time for reading, I just have to follow that schedule! That’s got to be easier than panic reading, last minute, to cram some decent quotes and sources into essays or presentations.


Anyway, if you’re wondering why all my books are stacked up rather precariously it’s because my desk isn’t big enough for my file organisers so I’ve had to create a makeshift space for them (balancing on the books). Then I have my entire desk free for my laptop and stationary. Work is boring regardless but at least colourful highlighters and cute post it notes and notebooks provide some form of entertainment.


Here’s to being more organised,

Hannah x



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