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Instead of random personal posts every so often, I have decided to structure my blog a little more with regular series. You might have noticed the effort I have made in collaborating with people more in order to write more informative pieces such as the posts on renting in London and women through the generations.

There are two more monthly series that I am going to begin: word of the month and time of the month.

Time of The Month is going to be a roundup of the month’s doings, goings and feelings. Because I journal so often, I forget to document on here as well so without further ado…this was June.

June began with the sweat of my brow and aching biceps. I was packing away my life into cardboard boxes and cleaning the student house I was moving out of. I think I was too exhausted to really let the end of university set in. I am proud at my efforts in the moving process and how calm I stayed throughout. On the second of June, Adam and I woke up early to let my parents in and we taped and lifted, arranged and rearranged, scrubbed and cleaned, travelled and unpacked. My parents drove us to and from the old house and the new house and we worked double time to ensure the flat was pieced together. It wasn’t exactly quality time but it was good nonetheless. The first two weeks of this month were spent unpacking and rehoming things, helping the cats readjust, registering to all the local amenities we needed and just enjoying the peace and privacy of our new home.

It was really important to me, those two weeks, and I am so glad that moving house was everything I wanted it to be and more because it was my main motivation for pushing through the not so good times whilst I struggled to finish university and whatnot. This house is home and it keeps me warm and inspired. I love it.

I tried something new and practiced an open mind in June as well. I ate new foods, made new friends with my neighbours, made a new daily routine for myself now that I have the room and peace to do whatever I want. I stopped wearing foundation this month and embraced my freckles and still feel confident about it. I also made a further step in becoming a little more green and sustainable on that week of the month. (I highly recommend the MoonCup ladies, tried and tested, a real life changer).

The third week of June was very serious. I applied to a lot of jobs, each individual application taking around two hours of my time. I went to interviews to no avail. I crashed and I rose and I cried and I laughed. I think I reached the point of hysterical and stayed there for a while. If I didn’t laugh at the situation– being that a first class student (oh yeah June saw me get a first class BA Hons Degree in Philosophy, officially), with plenty experience could not get a job, I think I’d have cried a lot more than I did.

This last week of June is proving to be different. I feel like my luck might be changing and I hope it doesn’t jinx it to say that. I got a call from a recruiter acting as middleman between myself and a job I had applied to and he said I had been invited to the job interview process and along I went with my portfolio and something magic happened: I believed in myself. Over the last few months I have done extraordinary things for myself and I never thought of myself as ever being extraordinary– ever. I accepted that I could do anything I put my mind to as evident in my first class degree, my book, my house, my little family and now…a career? The interview went really well and a few days later, I had beaten 71 other applications in being invited to another interview, this time with homework to do: a social media marketing plan and a blog post on an event not yet thought of by the company. I have spent the last couple of days working really hard on making those two things the best they can be and when this post goes live I will have presented them in a bid for the one vacancy for a job I am so passionate about and desperately wanting.

Here’s to crossing our fingers and believing in ourselves.

There are a few more days left of June. In which time I shall be having a final interview for my dream job, spending a day with my mum picking out a graduation dress, taking an eye test to finally deal with my lack of long-distance vision and maybe hearing about the results of the job.

June might be summarised in a single phrase: onwards and upwards. I moved house, I got happy, I sought jobs and I got a degree. Thank you for pushing me, June.

Hannah x



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