Time of The Month: August


You know when you look back at where you used to be and what you went through and can’t believe you made it here? That’s what the month of August was for me. I read somewhere a quote that really resonates with me…

Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive’

Despite family illnesses, homesickness and the other struggles of late, I’m trying to remain strong and unwavering. I still look back sometimes at how I used to be…starved, surrounded by people that thought it was funny to make you feel like shit, tired and miserable and never thought I’d get everything I wanted. But I really did. And by 21. I feel so grateful and proud of everything I have achieved.

August was good. August has been good to me. I feel happy in a bittersweet and reminiscent way.

Works going really well; we had a big posh meeting in One Canary Wharf the other day which was fun and insightful. Home is wonderful, though messy most of the time lately because I’m working. I’ve been a bit unhealthy lately but I’m hoping to get that back on track again. I’m looking forward to summer cooling off and giving us Autumn, it always is the prettiest and most wonderful time of year.

H x




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