Writer’s Block: Tips To Beat It

It’s Nanowrimo! What better time to write about writing? If you write, be it for work or pleasure, the most frustrating demon in your life is probably writer’s block. Sometimes you can walk away from your projects and begin again later but for those of us whose writing is our livelihood, this isn’t an option. These are some tips to beat writer’s block.


Light Exercise

Before you grab your pitchforks, I don’t mean real exercise. I mean a stroll to the office kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Stretch your legs and roam the halls for a bit if you need more. Just get the blood flowing and leave your screen for a few minutes. Sometimes this is enough to clear your head of writer’s block!


A Different Perspective

Chat to your colleagues about the topic of the brief. A simple conversation might spark colleagues to tell you their opinions on the matter and you might find that their thoughts and associations are different to yours. Conversation is often the best springboard for writing ideas.



You don’t need to look for anything in particular if there is no brief. Inspiration can come from anywhere. If your brief is more specific then stick to common keywords and take a journey on the web before settling on an angle to take. Knowing your angle is half of the job when it comes to writer’s block.


Reading in general uses your imagination and increases your general world knowledge. Read the news and write about current affairs, read fiction and be inspired and read the news of your field for more ideas about what people are reading about lately. The best writers are readers!


I hope that this is useful! I know not all of you are bloggers or content creators but with Nanowrimo in full swing, I thought this could apply to all writing in general!


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