Tis The Season To Get Cosy


Hello lovelies,

I took this photo yesterday whilst in Oxford Street’s Topshop. Adam and I were running errands; he picked up his laptop from the Apple store and I needed to exchange the gorgeous corduroy pinafore featured above for a smaller size. I literally only took this photograph because I realised that my scarf and bag complimented it so well. You know when colours just look too good and you get your camera out? Yeah.

Anyway, this is just a filler post basically where I’m going to have a bit of a chat at you. I am so in love with the season of skirts with jumpers and tights! I want to get cosy and snug and brace myself for this cold weather, don’t you?

I am actually poorly again, surprise, surprise! I seem to have the flu again. It is not as bad as last time, thank goodness, but my throat has never hurt more than it does right now, it is, quite frankly, unbearable to be me right now!

I have some posts planned and I’m quite pleased that I have managed to post every two days for months now despite uni! That being said, it is deadline time! I have three essays to write in the next week and a bit so I am going to be super busy! I’m also going to be working on two creative projects come December so basically it is going to be the busiest month ever. It sounds silly because it is Christmas and everyone usually relaxes and chills but I find that it is always the season I am busiest!

Never fear, posts are still coming because they’re scheduled but I actually should have been a month ahead of organisation because trying to get decent header images in darkness is crazy difficult! I am finding that without the sunshine, I am really struggling to get good enough lighting for pictures lately. The clouds are giving a white wash which I am kinda digging but I wanted to hold my blog up to a high standard and it’s lacking so I’m sorry about that. I will have proper lighting etc in my new place and the ability to do more projects but right now I have to be taken at face value: I am a student in the worst of London’s accommodation!

So bear with my poorly and very stressed self, pretty please!

Posts you can look forward to involve minimalism, Christmas inspired posts and, since I have A LOT of products in my box right now, I intend on trying and reviewing and clearing it out!

Love to you all,

Happy thanksgiving,

Hannah x


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