Top Tips for Working From Home

I’ve been working from home for nearly a year now and I have had the ups and downs! It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. You hear plenty of freelancers discussing the lifestyle and everything they say is true! If you can find the right balance and routine, it’s the best thing ever. Here are my top tips for working from home.


work from home tips


Get dressed and made up for the day

Working from home can get messy. I know it’s all too easy to wake up at whatever time you fancy, pulling your laptop into your bed and working from there but it’s bad for you! Adam works from home Mondays and Fridays and does just that but he’s also fallen asleep on his laptop so! Get up and get dressed and take the time to make yourself presentable. Wash your face, brush your teeth, do your hair and feel like yourself. If I’m really busy, I get up and go without making this time for myself and I always end up feeling grotty and gross for the rest of the day! Invest in yourself and you’ll be more productive.


Keep it interesting

Keep your house clean and a good space to work in. If you are working from home full time, set up a proper work space with an ergonomic chair and a clean desk. Even if you prefer moving about and taking your laptop to the sofa, it helps to have a home for all of your work files and devices. It’s a productive place to go at any time of day. When you’re bored and have a long task, reward yourself bit by bit. Paint your nails when you have to do a lot of typing. Keep switching it up to stimulate you.


Try to eat well

Thankfully, I am not a serial snacker. Sometimes I am a sucker for sugar, especially if I haven’t slept well, but for the most part, I’ve realised the importance of properly nourishing yourself. Eat breakfast to kickstart your day. Remember to take a lunch break and eat well then too. Remember that everything you are eating is for energy so don’t let beige food get you all groggy and tired!


Separate work from home life

When you work from home, or if you are naturally work-inclined, it can feel like your job is never done. There are always more tasks to do so if you’re already at home, AKA your place of work, why not do it? That’s the attitude I held for a long time. I would work into the night simply because the work was there and so was I but it’s so important to have your own space from work. Have your work at a desk in a room where you can shut the door. Check your hours to make sure you’re not going above and beyond, you’re getting a lunch break and you’re logging off at a reasonable hour. Take holiday. Talk about something other than work with your loved ones. Put the phone down!


I hope that these are helpful! If you have any of your own work from home tips, please do share them in the comments below. I’d love to hear your experiences.




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