The Toy Rooms, London

Earlier this month, I was invited to the Toy Rooms. Though it wasn’t for (it was for work), I decided to tell you guys about it anyway.
















The Toy Rooms

Any Londoner will have heard of the Toy Rooms and it’s somewhat known for being exclusive. That being said, the venue is incredibly welcoming and genuinely impressive. Every bit of the decor was snappable. From the graffiti of the lobby and stairwell to the teddy bear chairs at the cloakrooms, bears are idolised in colour. It is larger than you might think with two main rooms and two smaller ones. There are spaces to relax and spaces to party.

Teddy Bears

The Toy Rooms used to feature great big sofas and the decor was quite heavy but now it is light and fun. Various photos of famous teddy figures and celebrities line the walls while teddies feature everywhere else too. From the teddy bear in the room on the right to the Ted feature at the back between rooms to the Teddy tables and funny light feature, teddy bears rule.

Favourite Features

I have three specific favourites inside this venue. Firstly, the LED alphabet blocks hanging above the main bar are incredibly cool. Secondly, the comical art pieces in the venue such as the ‘Can I sleep with you?’ and the ‘Blow Me’ cool down corner really make every corner glow. Thirdly, the layout of Toy Rooms suits all kinds of groups. There is space to sit privately and talk as well as rooms to mingle where no tables or chairs get in the way.


Try to get yourself and your friends into the Toy Rooms by any means necessarily! It is definitely a must-see club and I hope to return very soon!

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