Update and apology!

Hey guys!

So, I haven’t been blogging like I should have all week but I think I did well to even get the two posts up that I did, given how busy I have been with moving, freshers week and lectures!

I am doing absolutely fine, I still love everything about university and where I’m living and who I’m living with. My lectures started this week and I already have work to do! Although it IS a lot of work to do, I really am enjoying having some sort of schedule again.

My boyfriend Sam made it down to visit me yesterday which was really nice and well needed. He met my flatmates and the two floors above too 🙂

Tonight I have managed to make it into bed by 9pm which is an absolute bloomin’ miracle!!!
It feels so good to just be sat here relaxing with my own company writing you all. Tonight I hope for an early night, lots of sleep and then I shall hopefully feel refreshed by tomorrow so that I don’t get sleepy in my lectures like I did today!

Before I doze off to catch some Z’s I shall get to work writing up some blog posts for you all so that my blog will continue to run as normal.

Thank you for remaining loyal, I hope you are all well!

sign off


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