Update, Pretty Places, Flooded House and Being a Kid


Hello lovelies,

Last week was great. I had cocktails with my friends in celebration of the four of us living together next year. The night was great, the morning- when it took me 8 hours to get the taste of fruity cocktails out my mouth without puking, not so much.

It was also really sunny in London so my friends and I made use of Richmond Park and the warmer weather. We went to the Poet’s Corner on the Richmond side of Richmond Park and it was beautiful- though I imagine it will look even better when the flowers get a proper chance to bloom in the summer. The ice cream with real fudge in, by the way, is super good, I recommend. There is also a really cute playground area for those of you who are big kids.

(Are there parrots in the park, by the way? We think they’re parrots but aren’t 100%).

This week was…not so great. The weather got colder again and it’s pretty much been grey skies every day. I mostly stayed in trying to write an essay to present in my seminar- which I wasn’t able to attend. Why? Because¬†my house flooded! I’ll start from the start.

On Saturday morning my bath was full of food and dirty water. It kept bubbling and spewing up through the bath drain and we all kept having to drain it with a bucket and throw it down the loo. (Not Kidding). Basically, the upstairs maisonette’s pipes lead to our house so the food and oil (are they stupid?) they put down their kitchen sink came out of our bath! It was an emergency…but I couldn’t ring anybody because we’re not given any emergency number for the landlord etc and the ’emergency plumber’ was only Monday to Friday. What happened? After a vile weekend of taking it in turns to rid the bathroom of the dirty water…we rang for the agency’s plumber on Monday but they said we didn’t need one, we should have an assessment first…

First the sink overflowed- gross water also spewing through the sink’s drain and onto the bathroom floor…then the bath. The bathroom was a swimming pool and it took all of our towels to try to stop the water going onto the landing carpet-they failed. It wasn’t long before the water was in two of the other housemates’ bedrooms and we had to panic pull all the furniture out the rooms into the dry kitchen. It was ridiculous. And very gross.

Eventually help arrived. The council removed the blockage and upstairs shut off their water and then we were left to clean up the inside of our house. Mops, towels, sponges, housemates and best friends come to help, our house was bustling.

The disaster is in the past now, the floors have been bleached, the carpets cleaned and the clothes and belongings ruined are in the process of being accounted for. We are also trying to get hold of a number for either the agency or the landlord with which we can contact them in case of future (inevitable) tragedies.

After the disaster that was Monday, I went to meet my family in Victoria and we all had dinner to celebrate both Mother’s day and my stepdad’s birthday and then we went to see Wicked, which was great, by the way! I knew more of the songs than I thought I did and it was a fab performance. A welcome relief from the stressful horror house!

I hope your last couple of weeks were less eventful than mine,

Hannah x



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