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Hello lovelies,

I realise my posts have been very repetitive recently with lots of book reviews and I just thought I should post something a bit different. So this is an update post but one with a focus on finding beauty in every day life.

Life is just starting to pick up its pace again for me, I have been poorly for about two weeks, first with the flu and then with a chest infection so I was in a very bad way for a while there. I had no energy to do anything, I was shivering but sweating and running a fever and coughing and aching and everything hurt and it was really just awful.
One good thing came out of it: I slowed down a bit. I literally gave up a few days into flu and just let myself be ill and come to a standstill. I can’t say that I did anything wonderful with my time because I mostly just slept and lolled about on the sofa in a medicine induced slump but it was good for me!

My family also visited me which was really really nice. I know I don’t really speak about my home life all that much on here but I never see my family. I don’t really go home and they don’t really come to London and I can’t go for stays because they don’t really have the room for me and I currently don’t have room for them to stay in my student house so we just see each other for a few days around Christmas and that’s pretty much it!

On about the 11th day of being poorly, I was so tearful and fed up and my mum rang me but I had lost my voice so I just listened to her and started sobbing and then my parents and my sister drove down to see me and it was honestly the nicest day ever. They brought me groceries and soup and medicine and throat sweets and we played board games and had a laugh and a catch up and lots of cuddles and we ate fish and chips and honestly, this probably sounds so small but it was such a big deal for me because I never see them and they certainly never come to see me so it was a huge deal and a really lovely day! It picked me up so much, I cannot begin to tell you what a difference it made to my headspace, I was far more positive and happy after they visited that I managed to do the more simpler things and feel okay and safe and loved and taken care of!

So that was lovely!

Since then, I’ve been desperately trying to catch up on uni work that I missed. I have written one and a half essays in two days, I have a presentation to give tomorrow (I write this on Monday the 22nd Feb) and then another on Thursday and then I have about five books to read by the weekend and then next week I want to start writing my 9 essays for my exam so that they are done and revisable by next month!

By the end of March I have to be job hunting for full-time work!! I kind of know what I want to go into so that’s good and I’m just hoping that I find the job I’m looking for and then they like me enough to hire me! And then I’ll be in full-time work but revising in the evenings for my uni exams and then in May just after my exams, Adam and I are going to be house hunting! And then we’re going to be moving! So the next few months are going to be so crazy! Its going to be non-stop.

That being said, I am making a late resolution to stop more often and do the little things, appreciate the smaller things and to see the beauty in everything. I want to take more photos like this one here, it was a sunny day and I couldn’t even see the camera screen, I just clicked it and this photo screams hope and fresh starts to me. I want to take baths more often where I do some self-reflection. I want to read more books and learn from them.

I recently took up reading poetry. My boyfriend bought me Michael Faudet’s Dirty Pretty Things which is a bit raunchy but very lovely and I also have Tyler Knot Gregson’s books, one on love and one on everyday life and both are amazing. My preference still lies with novels but poetry is short enough and quick enough for me to keep reading in my busy schedule at the moment and I’m enjoying it! 2016 is the year for opening my mind to new things and learning from what I’m reading or even being moved by reading is a good goal to have when picking out material!

I really hope you guys liked the increased effort I put into my latest post- the ASOS haul. I am hoping to really up my blogging game so that was just the beginning. If you’re missing the fashion injection that used to be in my blog then never fear, I have a really good post coming up on minimal and capsule wardrobes and it is so aesthetically pleasing! But it is an ongoing project to get it perfect at the moment; I need a sunny day to spray paint my hangers and properly gut out the last remaining clothes in there!

I’m also working out lately. I bought an elliptical cross trainer so I’m training and hooping and walking and trying to drop a stone in the next couple of months! I’m actually really enjoying it, it goes hand in hand with my healthy eating so I can’t complain!

I hope you’re all well, I hope everyone is healthy and happy and considering their impact on the planet and taking time to appreciate the small things.

My love to you all,

Hannah x


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