Update: work, uni and Shannon Saunders!

Hello lovelies!

It feels like it has been ages since I have sat down and written a blog post. I think this is because I wrote a few in advance a couple of weeks ago to get me through the first week back of university in case I was too busy to write…which I have been. So now I am here catching you all up on everything!

Now that summer is over it means that I can cut down some working hours and replace them with university stuff. Currently, my schedule entails two jobs; one job dominates the first half of the week and the other dominates my weekend whilst also going to lectures. I pretty much only have Thursday afternoon and Friday off to do my reading and own stuff.

Anyway, I suppose that covers work and university. I know I already published a post on beating September blues but on a side note or an additional happiness tip; if your day to day working life is getting a bit boring, jazz things up by switching or buying a new handbag. I just started using a new handbag out and about it actually makes carrying books and work around to lectures a little more enjoyable! Plus, I always keep my bag that bit more tidy and organised if it is new.

After uni the other day, I went into Camden with my boyfriend and we went to see one of my favourite artists: Shannon Saunders.

If you don’t know who that is then we are probably just very into different things. I first came across Shannon Saunders years and years ago on Youtube. I was looking for a song and she popped up as a cover. I still remember that one video where she was sat on the floor of a bathroom with her guitar looking really young. Most of the old videos have been taken down now but the rest are available at https://www.youtube.com/user/Shannooonx

The gig itself was held at a small venue. It was a teeny tiny pub in Camden and the upstairs room was where the magic happened. It was a cute place to have some drinks and we were super relaxed about the whole thing. There was no urgency to queue or get to the front to see Shannon or whatever because even from the bar at the back you could see her, it was a small friendly room. Incidentally we ended up near the front of the stage though for the whole set.

Shannon looked amazing as always but casual in an oversized tee shirt/dress and shorts. The audience knew of the songs released online but a lot of the songs performed were new songs off her upcoming album that we had yet to hear. Every song was flawless and we had a bit of a boogie all night. It was nice to go to such a chilled out gig where you just drink and boogie.

After the gig, Shannon was meeting some of us for chats and autographs and hugs. She was really down to earth and stayed until everyone had got to chat with her. She was really modest and super friendly which is nice. She was in no rush to get away from fans. She is just such a lovely person and a very talented musician and I think she deserves more credit.

So go and give her a listen!

Hannah x




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