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Hello lovelies,

Autumn is coming and nobody is more excited to greet it than yours truly. I love it. I love crunchy leaves and the sunshine still in the sky but it being notably cooler. I love warm socks and comfy boots. I love jumpers and cardigans and how I can wear all my favourite jackets because it isn’t quite cold enough to need a coat. I love turning the heating on at home and always having an excuse to cuddle with someone and get the blankets out. I love that we start buying candles and we drink copious amounts of tea and maybe a few hot chocolates! We put the salads and fruit down and start eating big hearty meals. I love Autumn.

To welcome in the change of weather and to celebrate my wages, I took a trip to my favourite Urban Outfitters store!


I started off looking for jumpers because they are obviously a vital piece of Autumn wardrobes. The one on the left is so pretty and the lace inserts on the side just make it. I am already loving wearing it but when Autumn turns to Winter I think I might need a little vest top underneath it as the lace side inserts don’t do much in terms of keeping you warm. The jumper on the right is much thinner and definitely a lightweight piece. It is very soft and very casual and looks cute on top of leggings, with jeans or even tucked under a high waisted skirt. Versatile pieces of clothing are always worth buying.


Anyone who thinks I am wrong for buying a dress in an Autumn haul clearly hasn’t tried layering dresses. I wasn’t going to buy this pretty little dress, I was actually just going to try it on and then maybe find one similar in a different store but I loved the fit as soon as it was on. My friend described me as looking like a ‘little doll’ so that pretty much swung the decision, haha! It isn’t tight fitting but is nicely shaped and a pretty print. I was thinking of wearing it with black tights, boots and then layering it with either a cardigan or a jacket and possibly a scarf if needed. Again, it is versatile because it looks so cute on it’s own and is thin enough to be worn in hot weather.

The skirt on the right is something I have picked up and admired a few times whilst visiting the store. I finally left the store with it, this time. The camera doesn’t really do it justice; it is a dark green shade with red and white flowers on. It’s just really cute and can be worn on its own or with tights and boots and a jumper. I just think the dark green is such a pretty colour and it is my favourite skirt of the new season stock so far.

How is your Autumn shopping going? If you haven’t started then I hope this inspires you!

Hannah x


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