Valentines Day – What Love is

Happy Valentines Day one and all! My posting schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays falls on one of the most romantic days of the year. I have toyed with what to post on this day for weeks. We thought about doing challenges and all sorts but this evening (Sunday the 12th), as I have slipped into bed which is already warm with a hot water bottle waiting for me, inspiration struck.

I’m not going to tell you our first date or our first kiss or drag Adam into the boyfriend tag (which I’m pretty sure we already did three years ago). I’m going to share with you the other details and let you in on something more personal…what love is to us.


Love is not always verbal declarations for me. Love is not those posting their essay to their loved one in a Facebook status. Love is not the endless selfie stream or the photos of your gifts. Love is not seasonal, it cannot be told in a card’s greeting. Love is different for everyone but the truth of love is in the little things.

Love is nudging him at the right time in the morning, rousing myself from sleep hours before it’s necessary just to make sureĀ heĀ gets to work on time. Love is him leaving the door unlocked so I can get in quicker and finding the boiler already switched on, anticipating that I might want a hot bath after a long day.

Love is doing a task, long worried about and always forgotten because love is relieving the burdens where you can. Love is making life easier. Love is making life more spontaneous. Love is in a soft blanket gifted to me years ago that comforts me every single day. Love is in thinking to text to see how their day is going and in waiting for each other at the bus stop as a surprise.

Love is listening to things you’re not interested in because you like to see their eyes light up and their gestures demonstrate their enthusiasm. Love is doing the things you don’t want to do because they want you to. Love is knowing when to be loud and boisterous, when to make them laugh, when to listen and when to just be quiet.

Love is support, love is friendship, love is the similarities that bring you in sync and the differences that bring out the best in each other. Love is not being able to argue without laughing. Most of all, for us at least, love is knowing that you’re always on a team and can therefore master just about anything!


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