Village Candle- Pure Linen

P1010639Hello lovely people!

I’m a girl who cannot resist a good candle when they smell one! This particular candle caught my nose a few weeks ago and I simply had to buy it!

It’s the perfect fresh smell- it smells clean and sweet but with no added fruity scents at all. It smells like laundry day without me having to actually see to my laundry pile!

I have been burning this candle pretty much every time I sit down in my room to do anything and I just adore it. I’m not exactly sure how popular the ‘Village Candle’ brand is and, don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Yankee candles, but this brand a little bit less expensive but still has a great range of scents.

Anyone who loves fresh but somewhat simple smelling candles, I recommend trying something like this!

Hannah x


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