Hello lovelies!

This is more of an ask than a beauty post. (If you’re after my beauty post of the day you’ll find it below!)

I know I have asked you guys before whether or not you would be interested in me vlogging occasionally and you said yes and I did it and you supported but then I thought it was all a bit silly and stopped. But there are times in my life where I do exciting things or I’m a part of exciting things and I want to show you guys or there are times when vlogging is easier than blogging- for example it’s a lot more interesting when I do a ‘What’s in my bag?’!

So…like and/or comment if you would be interested. AND like and/or comment if you vlog and I would love to check them out!

Tomorrow I am going home as a surprise for my family. I will spend a good 5-6 hours of my day traveling home and should hopefully make it in time to pick up my sister from school! And then walk home and ask my parents what’s for tea!

Blogging shall commence as normal,

Hannah x


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