Wardrobe faves: my top 5 dresses

Okay so, with Freshers week in mind and going out on the brain, I decided to make a post on my favourite going out dresses with the intention to both inspire you guys to put on your most fabulous outfits and go for a night out but also to praise the shops that kit me out!

The ‘To somewhere special’ dresses:

P1010477The dress on the left is probably THE favourite of mine. The gold colour is lovely and the black lace inserts and upper waist velvet band are very slimming. This was probably one of my best finds in TK Maxx! It is from a make called ‘Danity’ and is perfect for special occasions- I wore it to my Sixth Form Spring Ball!

The dress on the right will probably surprise you! It’s a really flattering shape with a decorative fold on the bust, a simple slimming waist band and a ‘poofy’ bottom half! The dress also has shoulder padding! I love everything about it: the style, the length, the colours. I’m small with a pathetic excuse for a bum and shoulders so this makes me look like I have a better figure than I actually do! What may surprise you is that this dress was actually from Primark! An incredible find I shall credit my mother for!

The strapless dresses:

P1010479 - CopyThe dress on the left I bought last year for a Christmas meal that I unfortunately could not attend in the end because of working all Christmas. I am hoping to wear it for the first time this Christmas so fingers crossed! I adore the classy theme of red and black and the decorative laced upper half is stunning! The bottom half hugs your figure so its best not to east too much! I actually got this from New Look in the Elise Ryan dress range. I can’t remember it’s price tag but it was in the sale and I remember thinking at the time that it was an absolute bargain!

The dress on the right, of course, is your classic ‘little black dress’. It’s pretty simple, a figure hugging shape with upper waist cutouts but as I’m not one for revealing too much skin, the cutouts are a kind of black mesh material instead! I very recently purchased this dress for somewhere around £8 from Forever 21.

 The ‘something a bit different’ dress:


I saw this recently whilst intently searching for bargain dressers for freshers week and this immediately caught my eye. I actually love long sleeves but obviously on going out dresses they can be too hot. The black lace mesh on this dress is therefore the perfect medium. The floral pattern on the dress is a pretty classic trend of this season and the length and shape really suits my frame. This dress was, most surprisingly, about £10 from Forever 21


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