Ways You Can Treat Yourself Within The Hour

Pretty much everybody will always think they’re really busy, even if, in comparison, they’re not. Since everybody rushes around, saying there’s not enough hours in a day, I thought it might be good to write a quick self-care post. Here are a number of ways you can treat yourself, and better your wellbeing, within an hour!


Gel Nail Manicure

My mum recently gifted me a UV light and everything I need to do my own gel manicures at home. It’s really quick and easy and a good level of pampering. I always feel much more human when my nails are in good nick. If you don’t have a  home kit then go to your local spa. They can probably even do it in half an hour! Everybody has half an hour.

Bath & Blowdry

Stop what you’re doing, put your email status to ‘Away’ and leave your work phone in another room. Everyone has an hour to run a steaming hot bath filled with delicious smelling bubbles. Just peel off the clothes, pile on the bubbles and relax. Let the heat soak your aching muscles and, when you’re out, give yourself a really good blow-dry. Smelling great and having big hair is always a confidence boost we can make time for.

Hot Chocolate and a Short Playlist

Turn everything off except the best speakers in the house. Make a hot chocolate, cosy up on the sofa with something soft and listen to a really soothing playlist. I, personally, go for acoustic music when I need to feel better, but each to their own. Just drink something warm and wrap yourself up and get a sugar hit and some music therapy. It’s basically a great big ‘refresh’ button!

Face Mask and a Game

This is one of the quickest ones on the list, to be honest. Grab your favourite face mask and a lovely person and enjoy some self-pamper and something to take your mind off everything. Just slow down, relax and spend time with someone. Whether it’s scrabble, a card game or a video game, just direct your concentration elsewhere and have a bit of a laugh. Throw in a shot if you think it will help.

Candle and a Massage

Use whatever candle and whatever oils you like, but I personally love Neom’s De-Stress range for both! Dim the lights, light a great smelling candle and relax. Either get a friend or lovely person to massage your neck and shoulders or do a little self-massage on tired hands. (It does magical things for your nails as well as your mind).


We should all get more exercise anyway  but getting out into a green space can also do wonders. Fortunately, I have to walk my dog twice a day, so this isn’t something I ever skip out on. I love to walk, to socialise with the other dog walkers, to enjoy the best views and green areas in London and to just get some fresh air. Take a walk somewhere nice and instantly get more perspective!


If you have any of your own quick fixes and wellness rituals, leave them in the comments below!


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