Ways to be a Better Boss to Yourself

I have been working for myself, under my own whip, for over a year now and there have been plenty of changes to my work routine and approach during that time. Everybody has to go on their own journey and learn what kind of worker they are and what kind of boss they are and reconcile to find the efficient approach. But, from experience, there are three sure things you can do right now to be a better boss to yourself.


be a better boss self employed


Count And Balance Your Hours

A boss decides how much their employee earns – have you set yourself a salary? It’s bad news to just take whatever you make at any given month. A better boss would decide what your time is worth. Work out either how much to charge to earn what you’re worth on average or work out what that means per hour and only work those hours. I’m not saying that you have to stick to office hours and work no longer. One of the best parts of being your own boss is deciding that you don’t have to work this day or that afternoon and can spontaneously give yourself time off. Instead, I recommend counting your hours so that if you work overtime one day, you finish early the next etc to only work the 35-40 hours you set yourself each week. Or, if the takeaway is lower than normal that month, work the hours based on what your time is valued at. Basically, if you’re making less money you should be working less and if you’re making more money you should be working more.

Working overtime or being underpaid just burns you out or disappoints you.


Get a uniform

A casual boss doesn’t care about a uniform. But I used to sit next to someone who wore the same clothes every day and they smelled like it too! A better boss does suggest a uniform! Not a real one, not a boring one. But if you’re the only person in the world that is selling yourself as a business, as a skill set, then you need to look professional. Get yourself some outfits that make you look and feel like a boss. Also, working in your pyjamas is a great novelty for a while but you’ll feel like a slob eventually. Since I do have to go out multiple times a day – for errands, to walk the dog, to meet people, I have to get dressed anyway. What I wear has a huge impact on my productivity! Most of my clothes are smart, fortunately, and that makes me boss through the day! Just dress in what makes you feel great and the rest will follow!


Resources and Treats

If you didn’t have the resources in a regular job, you’d ask your boss or go get the supplies you need so make sure you’re being a better boss and doing that for yourself. For example, do you have all the necessary software you need to do the best job possible? Do you have the right supplies for day to day use? For me, there are a few things I invest in. I pay for software monthly. Every year I invest a lot of money into the perfect planner for what I do! I always keep a candle on my desk and have all the storage I need for everything to be organised.

You also need to remember to spend at least a little of your earnings – this I have no problem with! I recently invested in a cinema card and now I get to go all the time for absolutely nothing. Make sure you have some way to detach, leave the ‘office’ so to speak and relax!


If you’re looking for more work-from-home tips, be sure to check out this blog!

If you have any of your own, please leave them in the comments!





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