Ways To Make The Most Of The Weekend

Are you sick of these post-uni posts yet? I’m sorry. I’ve just found the 9-5 life a little disheartening at times and think others have too. This post needs little introduction because you’re probably reading it, wishing for the weekend to arrive and wishing it didn’t go so quickly! Here are some ways to make the most of the weekend!




Start on Friday 

Two days isn’t enough time but since most of us get to leave work early on Friday, why not start early? Head home, freshen up and get some drinks in at the pub or take a train to see a friend and feel better for it. Friday is the best time to get drunk because a hungover Saturday leaves you a day and a half to still have fun. A hungover Sunday leaves a lot less! A great way to make the most of the weekend is to start the weekend sooner! That’s a whole day you’ve got extra for free!


Write a Weekend To-Do List

‘Hannah, no, I’m sick of to-do lists’, I hear you. I spend every weekday crossing off my work tasks too but a weekend to-do list is different. It’s a way of actually putting a finger on what it is you want to do with your weekend so that you’re feeling fulfilled rather than disappointed come Monday morning. For example, my to-do list starts afresh every weekend and is split into two parts: the bad stuff and the good stuff. The bad stuff looks like this every week: laundry, housework, food prep. The good stuff changes. It’s featured things like go to the museum, buy some art, have a manicure, eat carbonara, see a friend and more. It’s good to write down what you feel and what you want and then you have a better chance of getting the good stuff in on time!


Be an Early Riser

I know it’s tempting to take that Saturday morning lay in but we all know that by the time we do get up we’re wondering where the day went. Stick to your usual schedule and get up when you would for work. Get ready, feel more fresh and then head on out to get fresh air and have some fun. It sounds like a sacrifice to not sleep in but remember that what you’re really doing is giving yourself more time. Again, the idea here is to make the most of the weekend so don’t spend it in bed!


I hope this helps. If you have any weekend tips and tricks to avoid the Sunday night blues then please speak up!



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  1. April 11, 2017 / 12:45 pm

    The weekend to-do list is a good idea!!

    My weekend goes like this: I get home and wonder if I am tired and need to rest or have energy to go out. If I am tired I make it a point to sleep as much as possible and for me that is part of enjoying the weekend. If I have energy I hit up some friends and we go out for food/drinks. Saturday morning I wake up whenever I am not tired anymore (can be noon or 7am depending on my energy levels and laziness levels) and I ask myself: what do I feel like doing today? *repeat Friday night process*

    Occasionally I will feel bored if my friends are busy and I want to go out but I make it a point to go out anyway because I might run into fun people or adventures!!!

    Also, I try to make it a point to do my chores during the week, that way my weekend if chore-freeeeee!!!

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