Weekend Home-Improvements You’ve Probably Been Putting Off

Hello lovelies! As the mornings get brighter and the evenings are lighter, I’ve been less groggy! I’ve been more willing to put the effort into making our once Christmas cave into a stylish home again! Whilst the evenings have been reserved for smaller projects, such as setting some lights into the crevices of our main wall, weekends are a great time to get a lot done. Here are some weekend home-improvements that everyone can do!

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Have a Clear Out

This sounds like a big and scary task but I promise you it isn’t. Adam and I have a rule that we’re only allowed one small cupboard’s worth of memories (i.e. junk from the past). We recently gutted out our flat again, ridding ourselves of the things we don’t use or need and better organising what we do. Having a clear out is a great way to make your house instantly clean and spacious! We took a few hours on a Saturday to do a charity shop and bin run and the place is much clearer.



As mentioned above, living in a small flat (which I’m assuming most of my 20-something audience does), is all about being successful with where you place things. Take storage upwards with walls and hide things with cabinets. Keep the belongings that add character and donate the ones that don’t. A great thing to do on a weekend is re-organise your space. Rearrange your furniture so that it best fits the space. Rearrange the kitchen so you can actually find things. Reorganise your shelves and storage so your place is tidy not cluttered! Weekend home-improvements sound like chores but this will honestly only take you an hour and your place will be so much cleaner looking for it.



One of my favourite things to do on a Saturday is go to a flower shop. Every Saturday, Adam and I walk around our borough and then visit a cafe for a coffee or hot chocolate together. Then we go to the same flower shop and pick a new succulent, cacti, flower or home decoration. Putting greenery in the nooks and crannies of your home will brighten it up and make it look a little less flat, a little more alive! Kill two birds with one stone by doing the post-clear-out charity shop run first. Lose a lot of stuff from your flat and then welcome another green thing as a reward!


What weekend home-improvements have you been putting off?



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