Wellbeing: 5 Essential Oils to Start Your Collection

I have recently incorporated essential oils into my everyday wellbeing routine. After initially only purchasing some to make a reed diffuser, I realised that they had a large impact on my mood. If you’re sensitive to smells, essential oils could well manipulate your emotions! If you’re intrigued, I highly recommend, to anyone looking to start their collection, that you begin with the following staples.

essential oils


This essential oil sits at the top of the list because I truly believe it should be prioritised! Lavender naturally has very calming and soothing effects on people. It is, therefore, beneficial in relieving stress and tension, encouraging relaxation and helping you sleep. Keep it by your desk when at work or in your bathroom to unwind at night.



Lemon, and citrus in general, are naturals at uplifting. There is a good reason we associate citrus scents with freshness. Lemon is a great essential oil to start your day with because it wakes you up and is a strong enough scent to last most of the day. If you need a pick me up, add some zest to your life with some lemon. It has also been proven to improve productivity.



Peppermint is a little bit of a Marmite essential oil. I love everything mint but my partner is less impressed with it. To me, peppermint is an essential part of my collection (pun unintended). It’s strong yet light, it smells fresh and clean and uplifting. The scent┬ákeeps me awake and productive. It immediately makes me feel like I have pulled myself together.



Basil, on its own, is not the most pleasant essential oil in my opinion. In fact, if left entirely to my own devices, I would never have picked it up. However, if you research fragrances to wake you up and fragrances to energise you, one combination is repeated: lemon, basil and orange. This smell is used in fragrances, reed diffusers and air fresheners in homes and offices everywhere and people pay lots of money for it! The same positive effects can be easily achieved yourself, at home, by mixing the three fragrances together.



I bought a sweet mandarin essential oil to create the winning combination mentioned above and did not regret it. On it’s own, it is a little too strong and a little too sweet for my liking, but the magic combination does work wonders. I think if you mixed it with something a little less sharp, it would work just as well for other moods you might like to achieve and so it’s a good one to include in your basic collection.


If you’re interested in how I use these essential oils to manipulate my mood, keep an eye on the blog!


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