5 Ways to Incorporate Essential Oils Into Your Wellbeing Routine

My slow but steady progress in understanding wellbeing has led me to love essential oils. Essential oils mainly effect us via their smell and have a range of different properties that can be used for healing and wellbeing. Here are 5 ways to incorporate them into your everyday routine.

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Moisturise With Essential Oils

Essential oils can easily be used to start our mornings. After a shower, I pump some moisturiser into my palm and then add three drops of an essential oil. Lemon is a great one for positivity and energy. Lavender is perfect to soothe you if you know you have a stressful day ahead. Simply mix it with your hands and then work it into your skin. I tend to massage them into my arms, neck and shoulders. You’ll smell incredible, your skin will be soft and nourished, and you’re set for a great mood all day! Throughout the day, massaging your skin will reinvigorate the smell, giving you a pep up when you need it.


Diffuse With Essential Oils 

Diffusers are great distributors of scents. If you want something very subtle, a reed diffuser is great. Mix the oils with coconut oil in a glass container and remember to rotate the reeds regularly. If you like to change things up often, and want a stronger smell, purchasing a diffuser might be more effective. I have a mist diffuser that was really affordable and all it requires is a few drops of oil to a small amount of water. My most often used scents are lemon, basil and mandarin for productivity, and peppermint and lavender for something fresh and uplifting. Both are magical collaborations that are quick to manipulate my mood.


Burn Candles With Essential Oils

I love candles. They smell great and the soft flickering of a flame in a dimly lit room really soothes the soul! The most popular candles, however, are full of nasty chemicals and harmful particles that are bad for your home and your health. Recent research has shown them to be sooty and aggravating to our bodies. Always choose candles which use essential oils for fragrancing over fragrances and chemicals – even if your favourite candle is cheap or is well-known! Spending a little more time looking and a little more money for better health is better than the alternative! My personal favourite is Neom’s scent to de-stress. Choose an essential oil based candle with the right scent for your mood and enjoy!


Massage With Essential Oils

Not only is it healthier to burn (and smells incredible) but my favourite candle also works wonders as a massage oil. So much so, that Neom have released the candle in a pour-friendly container! After you have burned the candle for a minimum of two hours to release the essential oils into your home, put the candle out and let the oil cool for a couple minutes. Then pour, or dip and massage the oil into your neck, shoulders, upper back, temples and pressure points. Indulge in the scents that will linger for hours!


Bathe With Essential Oils 

There is a reason so many bathing products use essential oils to fragrance their products. Anyone who enjoys a Lush bath bomb, and their incredible scents, will love to learn that they can achieve the smell without being stocked up on bath bombs. Taking long hot baths is relaxing anyway, but adding essential oils is even better. Add as much or as little as you like the smell of and enjoy the benefits. Essential oils for morning baths should be more citrus based, whilst essential oils for evening baths will be calming scents such as lavender. It’s quick and easy! Why not?


Incorporate these 5 easy uses for essential oils into your everyday routine and see if it improves your wellbeing!


Image by Giulia Bertelli



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