What Am I Doing With my Life?


Hello lovelies,

I’m gonna be real with you because you guys are great and always supportive so let’s keep this space honest. I didn’t do much in the last week so I cannot give you some super cool ‘girl about town’ post because I’ve spent the entire week in Roehampton and didn’t do much other than see deer in Richmond Park and sleep and work out so I thought I would just write a little update on how I am spending my time and what’s going on in my life.

I have been spending time with my housemates, I have been drinking and beer ponging and sleeping and cuddling and walking and working out. I am back into the swing of things with exercise- thank God! I am enjoying it, honestly, even if I’m screaming swear words at the instructor. It makes me feel so much better when I am actually done though. And to do something one day that I couldn’t do a few days ago always feels amazing. I am learning to be comfortable maintaining a healthy weight but, with that being said, I am trying to lose a stone purely because I felt better when I was that weight. So, that’s happening.

I have been around the house a lot lately so, naturally, I have been spending more time with my boyfriend and this is going to sound really stupid but I’m in this glorious hazy space where I’m so happy and everything he does is the best thing ever. You know when you just can’t believe someone so wonderful exists? That’s how I feel. His jokes, his humour, his laugh, his face, his attitude to life, his kindness and support is just everything to me right now. I know it’s like two years in and you’re probably all gonna be like ‘get over it’, ‘keep the smushy stuff to yourself’ and I’m sorry, I’ve become one of those people but he’s still the best thing ever and I’m not bored of saying so.

Moving on from my embarrassing declaration of love, I actually got to do something for work. By the time this post has gone live, I will have started a couple days ago. Basically, I picked up an old job again in a different store but the store itself hasn’t actually been built yet because it is brand spanking new and we are all coming to the shop new and it’s all exciting. I won’t say where I work but I will say that I love the company, I’ve worked with them before and I just thought it would be a really cool opportunity to have a part in the making of a brand new store. We are all as new as each other which means there’s no awkwardness, we’re a close knit team getting to know each other from scratch all at the same time and when I leave I can still say ‘yeah, I was there when they opened that store!’ So, I have three weeks training at a different store (one that is actually already built and established) in Wimbledon and then another month to wait until the official start date.

I think most of you know this anyway but I’m gonna go ahead and announce it properly in case you didn’t: I’m writing! Yay! I don’t mean freelance writing or ghost writing either, I moved away from the journalism agency I was working under and am flying solo using my previous contacts who can now come to me directly so I can set my own rates too. I used to write about recruitment and the app market, if you didn’t know. But what I am doing now is entirely for my use AND it has my name and credits on and not somebody else’s. I will take the time to state that I am entirely grateful for every single person and company that I wrote for, it was all good experience but I really just wanted to have my own credited work. I’m writing a fiction novel about existentialism with a comedic narrative tone and that’s probably all I can say about it without ruining it. I am really enjoying writing it so far and the other day I hit the halfway mark for the word count that was suggested and it felt so so incredible!

I am taking the steps necessary to attempt to make this whole writing thing work so that I can continue to make that my career when I leave university. I have looked into law because there are some pretty fantastic work offers out there for me when I leave- I mean who doesn’t want a 42K salary?! But I think I, and everybody who has ever known me, knows that writing is my real passion and what makes me happy. If I want to make it a full time job then I have a suggested target date for when I should finish my project and go about handing it around. As is, I have been looking at places and budgets already and have a regular income anyway so I am moving to a new place, probably around May next year and I am SO EXCITED. The point of this whole thing was basically that I don’t know what path of opportunity to accept when I leave uni but I kind of wanted to write this story just because 1) I enjoy it and I had to get this idea out and 2) I wanted to see if I could. And I can. So now we know.

So, other than recommending coffee and workout clothes to you, this was the best post I could make! To summarise, for those of you who want to skim my ramble: I’m sleeping, I’m working out, I’m in love, I’m working more or less 9 to 5 again and I’m writing again but for myself!

I hope that you are all as happy and passionate and active!

I love you all,

H x




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