What I Bought in June

I’m back and with a new series – ‘What I bought this month’! The purpose of this series is twofold. I can publicly keep a hold on what I am spending and frivolously purchasing monthly and you can see what I’m loving!

Unfortunately this month has been a bit hard. There’s just a lot of bad news and heartache in my personal life and as a result I’ve had to do some retail therapy. AKA damage. This is way overboard. There’s a lot so let’s get into it! Here’s what I bought in June!


what I bought in June clothes



London has been around 25-30 degrees consistently for about two months now so I was suffering! It was definitely time to pick up some new bits for this weird weather so here’s what I picked up…

Long striped dress from H&M 

Unfortunately this item is in-store only so I cannot tag it! This long dress is perfect for 18-20 degree weather which is not quite legs out but definitely warm and muggy! It’s light, breezy and a really good fit that’s true to size! I picked it up in a size 8 and it was reasonably priced so I definitely recommend!

Striped baggy trousers from H&M

These are the comfiest and airiest item of clothing I have ever bought! They’re high waisted and perfect for tucking a basic tee into and perfect for working from home, running errands and travelling on the hot underground in!

Paper bag trousers from H&M 

Another staple that I should have had but didn’t! These trousers are quite smart but can also be dressed down with a band tee or something tucked in. They’re actually weirdly sized because I fit into an 8 so you might want to downsize if you get them for yourself. Perfect for drinks in a nicer than normal place or for an important meeting!

Silk tie top from Urban Outfitters 

I tried my hardest not to buy this but I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a few days and cracked. This super soft yellow silk top is perfect for pairing with high waisted jeans and a cardigan in cool weather and popping over skirts or shorts in warm weather!

Striped monochrome skirt from Urban Outfitters

I like wearing clothes that are comfy and airy in the heat but that hide my legs so I don’t have to put up with harassment on my travels. These midi skirts are perfect for that! Again, it’s just a staple piece that I don’t have enough of in my wardrobe. (SOLD OUT)


Skincare and selfcare

I’ve also bought a couple of things from Neal’s Yard Remedies – oops! If you have super sensitive skin or suffer from the occasional hay fever allergy rash then you have to know about this product. I picked up the Calendula and Oat lotion to moisturise and soothe. It doesn’t smell fantastic but it does really soothe so it’s worth mentioning if any of you suffer with tree pollen. I also picked up the Energy roll on which contains essential oils blended together to create a feeling of energy! I love essential oils but they are dangerous to diffuse if you have pets so I’m only using them on myself and not in my home. This seems like the perfect afternoon pick me up for when work is busy!



If you follow me on my Twitter, which you should, you’ll know that I had to put my 10 year old Kindle to rest finally! Amazon no longer support it and couldn’t help me fix it but did give me some money off another one so I bought the next model up. I’m trying to save the planet and my fast consumption of books is a bit crazy! Moving forwards, I will be trying out the Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription to save money, save the planet and keep reading!

(Also, it’s just very very hard to carry and hold a big hardcover book on the tube these days let’s be honest!)


It definitely won’t be this interesting every month! But when you’re a grown ass woman and life gets a bit complicated sometimes you’ve just gotta shop it off!






  1. June 27, 2018 / 4:29 pm

    I really want those paper bag trousers from H&M but don’t know what top to wear with them…
    How fab of Amazon to give you money off a new Kindle, didn’t know they did that for people!

    Livvy x

    • July 1, 2018 / 8:53 pm

      Hi honey! Omg get them! They look best with a tee shirt and sandals I think but you could dress them up with maybe a linen Cami? They’re smart casual for sure! (And yeah amazons customer service is world class!)
      You should definitely treat yourself to those trousers! xxx

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