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Hello lovelies,

When this post goes live there will be so much going on in my life– in fact I should be at a job interview in Covent Garden when you’re reading this, hence I have put a lot of work into writing lots of posts to schedule into a long-term queue while I’m too busy to run the blog more personally. But perhaps the most important thing happening is my decision to stay in London after university.

So, I thought it might be a good idea to take the time to list all of my favourite things about the best and most beautiful city in the world!

  1. The buildings. They old ones look like monuments, all white and strong and beautiful like you’re in an old white wash fairytale film and the new ones are even taller and shinier and make me feel like I’m in some jungle.
  2. The noise. I’m a quiet person and I don’t like loud abrupt noises but I have come to love the swish of planes over my apartment when I sleep, the hum of other people living life around me, the steady buzz of traffic, I love all of it.
  3. The city never sleeps and at night it comes alive. I never have to be afraid of the dark because whether I’m out in the madness, all glowing underneath the lights or in my bedroom watching the city shine and twinkle before me, it is breathtaking. We are all awake here, we won’t slow down.
  4. The artwork hiding in plain sight– on everything! On corporate buildings, old buildings, fence panels, chipping paint, in big portions like Brick Lane or hiding like the header image in Soho. Art is everywhere, talented individuals are everywhere, the city is the capital of culture and creativity and I love to see it everywhere I go, especially when it changes and new artists start again. London is the MOST inspiring place to live, in all of England.
  5. Soho. If I were a place, I’d be Soho. Soho is the love of my life. I adore the hustle, the bustle, the pubs, the boutiques, the shops just off Oxford Street that get forgotten about, the food, the people, the fact that there are always exhibitions and something going on here.
  6. Food. I have eaten my way around this city and it has served me well. From breakfast in Richmond Park to The Breakfast Club in Clapham to dinner in Soho, chinese in China Town, drinks in Putney, clubs in Kingston, cocktail bars in Hammersmith full of friendly people on their travels, American diners and cocktails that open late, the take aways that never close, the mexican stall in Camden Lock, the food hall in Shoreditch, the sweet sugar nuts outside Tower Bridge station, the cakes from the Hummingbird bakery, ice cream outside the Natural History museum, I love eating everywhere I go in London and sitting with strangers, all as indulged in food as myself!
  7. People. I think London has a bad reputation for being unfriendly- lots of people seem to think that we go about our days ignoring each other but we really don’t, in fact there is kindness everywhere in London and I love it for that. People who let you sleep on their shoulders on the tube, drivers who pull over when they see you run for the bus, people who offer you a seat or sit next to you in a food hall, strangers who ask if they can take your photo in Soho for a photography blog just because, strangers who pay for your travel when your oyster runs out, just beautiful strangers everywhere!
  8. The warmth. Through smog or pollution and sunshine, it’s just warmer down here and I can’t bear going north! I can dress in what I want because the weather allows it down here and it hardly ever rains as much as it did when I was at home.
  9. Greenery. London isn’t the concrete jungle you expect it to be- there are beautiful parks everywhere! Big ones like Hyde Park and Richmond Park or small ones like the one near Trafalgar square and pocket parks by accommodation. I can walk wherever I want and escape from the city if I want to.
  10. There’s always music. On the street, hiding round corners, in restaurants, underground when you’re travelling through the tube tunnels- music plays everywhere in London and follows you around like a soundtrack and it makes me fall in love with everything and boosts my mood around every corner. I adore the musicians of this city, whether you’re rich or poor, for fun or for money, you people make me feel a hundred emotions in a minute and you are everywhere and you are London and I love you.
  11. Shop windows and the aesthetic in general– I’m in the most beautiful city ever, the window displays are on point, the city is effortlessly photogenic, the white, the shiny, the old, the new, the fountains, the parks, the sunshine, the buses, the stylish people, I love it all.
  12. Surprises. I always discover something new- like the deckchairs and outside bars in Southbank or the Greenpeace creations and campaigns or St Christophers Place and other quiet and colourful lanes that are hidden away.

There is always something happening in London, I constantly stumble into something wonderful, like the lights being turned on in Oxford Street or when the city turned into a live art exhibition during Lumiere London. This city is the love of my life and I hope to stay here for a very long time!

Hannah x


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