What I Read in September

As always, the last month has been chaotic so I didn’t have chance to read half as much as I wanted to. A lot of my reading was done on my holiday in Italy. What I did read I enjoyed. Here’s what I read in September.


what I read in September


Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng 

This mystery thriller takes place in a suburban neighbourhood and immediately we know someone has set fire to a family house and the family blame the sister. She is immediately seen as the outcast of the family. This book follows new neighbours move in, friendships and relationships blossom and the trouble that ensues thereon. It was a really fantastic look at the complex family dynamic and all that can go wrong with it. I really loved this book and recommend it to anyone looking for a quick read!


Difficult Women by Roxanne Gay 

It’s a triggering time to be a woman right now, especially if you have endured abuse in any form before. This book is triggering too – let’s get that out the way right off the bat. Difficult Women is broken into lots of short stories that celebrate women from all walks of life, why they are the way they are, the sacrifices they have to make for a better life and all that they have endured. It’s incredibly difficult to describe so I’ll just repeat what I said to my boyfriend when he asked me how it was. It was beautiful and incredibly sad, as most women’s lives are.


The Silence of The Girls by Pat Barker 

The Silence of The Girls has been incredibly well accredited so I need not rave for so long! This book is a retelling of the famous myth of the battle of Troy but from the female’s perspective. As the protagonist, Briseis, puts it herself, everybody wants to remember the hero, the bravery, the celebrations. Nobody wants to remember how the women were bartered off like commodities, used and abused and left broken. The biggest thing I took away from this book was how powerful women are in a quiet way. Even though the Trojans were defeated, the stories of them will live on because Trojan women sing Trojan lullabies and stories to their Greek children. That’s a really quiet kind of power. The Silence of The Girls was hard-hitting but beautiful. Highly recommend!


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