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Hello lovelies,

As part of my WTDIL series, I thought I would bring back a place that I’m sure I must have mentioned a while ago now. When my friend Megan and I went to see Les Miserables with the gorgeous Carrie Fletcher starring as Eponine, we had some spare time to lose before the doors opened and, after weeks of wondering what the fuss with bubble tea was all about, we stumbled upon ‘Bubbleology‘ in Soho, close to Chinatown.

It was difficult to miss with a colourful exterior and the interior was no different. As photographed, we were met with colourful looking drinks and bowls filled with a variety of fruity little balls. We decided upon a fruity drink which actually removed the whole ‘tea’ element of the whole thing but hey ho.

I had strawberry bubble tea with red jelly balls. It was sweet and tasty if not a little bit of a shock to nearly choke on a mouthful of big red jelly balls. Anyway, basically once the drink is over you’re left with a lot of sweet balls to chomp on. Since my first drink, I have actually learned that I prefer the popping balls that explode with juiciness when you bite them. I think these are called ‘popping bobba’ but don’t quote me on that one.

Anyway, if you wanted to try out bubble tea, despite the trend passing now, or if nearly choking on balls is your thing, then I suggest you hit up Bubbleology on your next shopping escapade!

H x


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