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Hello lovelies,

Living next to Richmond Park is wonderful but I feel as though I don’t give the other parks in London enough credit. I had a wonderful day at Hyde Park the other day and thought I would share with you my photographs of it.

Hyde Park is large and full of secret spots with galleries, lakes and smaller gardens. That’s how we managed to come across an art gallery that we had no idea even existed!

I think Hyde Park can feel a little more magical than Richmond Park because it is right in the middle of central London where there’s hustle and bustle and yet you can escape into this immediately peaceful stroll through the greens.


This was one of the pictures that I took within one of the gardens inside Hyde Park but I did not actually photograph the garden itself. It had many paths and different patches of varying plants and flowers, every so often there was a clearing with benches, cobbled floors and fountains and water features. They were really pretty.


The lakes at Hyde Park are my favourite thing about going there. They just set the whole park off. This just changes the whole scene and is really beautiful. Lots of people feed the ducks, geese and swans; they seem rather tame and used to being approached, although we did have one or two of the swans decide to latch onto us and chase us by swimming alongside us the whole walk down the lake!

You’ll also notice that, near the little shop of sailor and London related goods, you can pay £10 each for half an hour in one of the peddle style boats. I’ve not actually done this myself yet but I really want to – I think it would be a lot of fun to take a little cruise in one of these!

IMG_2806There are lots of fun tunnels and hideaway places within Hyde Park. We simply walked in through the main entrance and stuck to the main path that we could see, going left and we discovered beautiful spots like this tunnel. Despite it looking a little dead on the side of plants around it right now, it was full of life inside with all the pigeons and other birds feeding on the bird food.

IMG_2805My boyfriend, Adam, took this photo and was really pleased with it so I thought I might as well add it. I think it looks almost like a fairytale. The dim lighting and dark green colours give this photograph an eery feel.

IMG_2804This one is a lot brighter and happier! I’m not too sure what the flowers are in this photograph but I am really loving them!

IMG_2803We came across this tree that has sort of given up on growing vertically and, instead, has dropped its branches downwards and around it’s trunk to completely envelop itself in leaves. We thought it was quite unusual and a fun little hideaway spot so decided to explore inside it.

IMG_2801It was as lovely as we thought it would be, all dim with only a little sunlight making it through the trees. We noticed that a lot of people came here to engrave their initials into the tree so if you and your partner or friend were looking for such a place than head through the main entrance of Hyde Park and left until you find this fun little spot!

I didn’t think it was too clear from the last photo but we also made friends with this very brave little robin who stood his ground even when we approached him close enough to take this photograph. He was hiding in the tree too, along with the squirrels buying their nuts!

IMG_2784This is a shot I took of the water feature outside the Serpentine Sackler Gallery which is a free gallery for ever changing art exhibitions. This, too, is just a short walk down by the lake and across a road just before the bridge in between Hyde Park and Kensington Park so check this out if you can!

IMG_2786This is the view from said bridge. I think this technically faces Kensington Park with Hyde Park behind this shot.

I, personally, think Hyde Park is a lovely day out if you’re looking for something that gets you outside the house and is free. For a first time visit (excluding my Winter Wonderland visits), we discovered a lot of very sweet and picturesque places so it is also something you can keep going back to and explore different parts.

I think the next time I go, I’ll have cash on me to rend a little boat and get things like ice cream or take away food as I noticed there were lots of snack type places dotted around as well. I also recommend a short walk through Kensington Park to get to Albert Hall or the monument there or take a little longer walk to the Natural History Museum where it is free to roam their halls and a small fee to experience the butterfly walk, which I can also recommend from a great visit experience.

Continue to love the city,

Hannah x



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