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Hello lovelies,

As you may know, I’ve been working, more or less 9 to 5 at my new job which doesn’t leave much time to continue my London bucket list but I finally rearranged a booking at the Sky Gardens on 20 Fenchurch Street and I was so excited to visit and it did not disappoint so I really want to talk to you Londoners about it!

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We had a booking around 2pm but were let in early which surprised me as a lot of reviews are negative toward queueing and getting there early but we literally walked in early, no problem. The staff were amazing; there was a woman outside looking out for the guests, who directed us to a man inside who checked our ID’s and tickets and pointed us to security who scanned our bags and ourselves and then we popped into the lift to climb all thirty five floors!

We walked out into the heaven that it is. Directly front and centre is a bar and seating, both tables and chairs and more casual soft seating such as sofas- with impressively funky faux grass cushions and rugs!

We immediately gravitated towards the first exit, onto the balcony. Outside, you get a full view of London at it’s best. Among the sea of buildings and buzz of traffic, you can spot all of your tourist locations: Tower Bridge castle, Tower Bridge itself, the Shard is opposite and Big Ben and the London Eye are to your right. It feels as though you are on top of the world. I got a bit emotional, I’m not going to lie, I adore this city and to see it all at once is quite something to take in.



Back inside the building, there are steps taking you up and through the garden areas. It gets a little humid so we had to strip off to properly enjoy it. There are really weird and wonderful plants such as the curly fern photographed above and lots of little quiet nooks where you can sit on a wooden block amongst the foliage and relax. You will notice that there are also stairs from the gardens up to the restaurant which looked nice and we might try to eat there in the future.

To summarise, I am really pleased to have discovered this little gem. You really can’t go wrong with it. I am a bus away from central London and so it is easy to get to, tickets are free which is so generous given how impressive the place is, you can book easily and quickly online in advance of the date you wish to go, the staff are great, the place is great, you can see all of London without paying a fortune at the Shard and experience picturesque green spots in a relaxed environment.

My boyfriend and I intend on visiting again at night time to see the sun set and London light up!

Please see for yourself!

Hannah x


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