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Hello lovelies,

Those of you who have been here a while will know that I have already made a few posts about The Breakfast Club but I was a novice back then and definitely consider myself more knowledgeable now.

I am going to include The Breakfast Club within my ‘What to do in London’ posts because I really do think it is a fantastic place to go to. I have been to the tourist one in Soho and the more casual one in Clapham (and the one in Brighton but that is for a different city) and I have favourites and so on so I thought I would write about it.

Those of you who don’t live in London will most likely visit the Soho club as it is easily located, just of Oxford Street, which you will inevitably experience if you visit here. The Breakfast Club in Soho is a fairly popular eatery and favoured by tourists so expect a queue upon arrival. I have been to the Soho breakfast club three or four times. The longest I have queued for breakfast was three hours and the shortest time I have queued was one hour. The bad news is obvious. The good news is that there is a nearby Starbucks to keep you going and sometimes The Breakfast Club waiters and waitresses bring out small cups of hot chocolate or juice to lift your spirits.

If this long wait sounds rather too much for you then I suggest you just don’t do it because the worst thing for the excited queuers is someone being a grump and bringing everyone else down with them. The only consolation I can offer you is that the food is worth it, in my opinion, and if you take a good bunch of friends to keep you laughing, it really isn’t so bad.

The Soho Breakfast Club is super tiny- which is probably why it takes so long to get in. Sometimes, to save time, you will be asked to sit at a table with complete strangers but fear not! Twice now I have been sat with people I don’t know and one couple didn’t bother us at all and the other time I met an American photographer and he was really cool and friendly and took a photo of us for his travel magazine. Just be open-minded!

I have only ever had breakfast in the Soho club. I have had the All American with potato chips, pancakes, bacon, sausage and egg. I have also experienced the Pancakes and Berries which were lovely but super filling so I have never managed to finish them! The freshly squeezed orange juice is a must have too, by the way! I also suggest that you commemorate your visit by writing notes or taking polaroids because you can stick them on the wall collage of happy tourists! (Being a regular now, I can confirm that these don’t stay up for long because so many visitors pass through and the wall gets taken down and restarted all the time but it’s still a cute idea).

The Clapham Breakfast Club is my absolute favourite for many reasons! Firstly, it is close to where I live. We can go there whenever we want with ease. Secondly, it is always quieter. I have only queued here once and it was for five minutes. Chances are, you’ll get to walk right in. Thirdly, the place is bigger. There is a first main room and a second large room behind the screen at the back and there is even a breakfast bar island. The place is decorated with quirky colours and (my favourite) a cute English bulldog statue thing. I have had both breakfast and lunch at this club and both are great. The pancakes seem smaller but this is a good thing because they are much more manageable and you might stand a hope of actually finishing them! I have ventured onto the lunch menu recently and thoroughly recommend the Breakfast Club Club Sandwich as it is just perfection. There is grilled chicken, salad, mayo, avocado, bacon and cheese. It’s just really filling and tastes great. I recommend adding the skin on chips for an extra £2.50 because they’re super tasty as well.

The Clapham place is definitely less of a tourist destination and so this is the one I recommend to any Londoners who live nearby and don’t fancy the hustle and bustle of the main one. I also think that the queueing involved in the Soho place is okay for visitors who have never been before but you shouldn’t have to queue that long to get into your favourite cafe as a local so definitely check out the less popular branches. I believe there is another one on London Bridge but this, too, is probably hectic.

To summarise, the Breakfast Club does really lovely food ranging from breakfast sweets to savouries, berries, burgers, sandwiches and pancakes. The juices and smoothies are on par with the food. I, personally, adore the Breakfast Club and continue to visit on a regular basis so I obviously recommend it to anyone in the area or anyone due a visit to the city.

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