What to do in London : The Hunterian Museum


Hello lovelies,

This will probably be a strange post to most of you but I wanted to talk about it because it is quite an unusual and weirdly unheard of place to visit in London.

I first heard about the Hungarian Museum from a Buzzfeed article about the weird and wonderful places to visit in London and it reminded me so much of American Horror Story.

The museum commemorates a surgeon who studied the biology of various animals and the collection includes animals inside out in jars, aborted babies in jars, conjoined twins in jars, plastic surgery research and all sorts. You cannot take photos within the museum and so the one I have used can be credited to the Royal College of Surgeons.

It doesn’t take a long time to do as it is mainly one large room cut into various sections. We were probably done within an hour but the whole thing was rather fascinating and I’m glad that we visited it, even if it was kind of gross.

Anyone into science and freaky stuff will appreciate it, so I recommend it to anyone who isn’t squeamish.

The nearest tube station is Holborn, to anyone interested and you can stroll into Covent Gardens if you fancy it, that’s what we did and it wasn’t too far at all.

H x


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