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Hello lovelies,

My boyfriend and I kickstarted the London Summer Bucketlist challenge we had made for ourselves with all of the classic London tourist stuff. I want to do a lot more posts on ‘what to do in London’ because I get to go to a lot of cool places and do fun stuff all of the time and never actually recommend it to you lot. These posts might be useful for any of you readers that live in London as you might not have discovered places yet and for those of you that don’t, it might be nice to see what’s here for you if you ever visit.

It’s a short journey to central London for us so we travelled to Oxford Street and wandered around for a while and then we hit Soho for the Hummingbird Bakery but I intend on doing a whole post on that after this one so don’t worry it’s coming right up!

Then we walked to Trafalgar Square because it is beautiful. We sat on the fountain for a while, taking in the surroundings whilst listening to a street performer singing. That’s where the first photo of the set is. The next photo I got I was really impressed with. We were crossing a road and I spotted all of the typical London things and got it all in one photograph: Big Ben, a big red bus, the tube sign, beautiful London architecture and a classic red telephone box! So so chuffed!

Then, obviously, you can see through to southbank and the London Eye which I took a photograph of. I find that this angle is actually nicer than being up close to it because you can rarely get a photograph which doesn’t involve other tourists. Then there were policeman and guards on horses which I got a decent photograph of- which is no mean feat as, for some reason, people really love to get a photo next to the horseback guards so I was lucky to time it between people and cut out a very scared looking woman to the right of the horse.

A great start to the summer of tourism!

H x



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