What You Learn When You Begin Full-Time Work


We all know my inspiration for  my writing here comes from my everyday life and every day of my life lately is spent at work! If you didn’t already know, my hunt for a grad job came to an end at the end of June when I became a social media manager! If you were wondering how I am finding being an adult, then this is the post with answers.

  1. Days are longer than you think they are – The days spent lounging around are gone and I realise what I have wasted. I’m a very productive person naturally who loves to work but I also love to be creative and so sometimes I count down the last sixty minutes, thinking about all the things I can do when I get home.
  2. Evenings are shorter than you think they are – When I do actually get home from full-time work, I usually have a shower and feed the cats and catch up with Adam and make dinner and make lunch for the next day and then I actually have very little time to be creative anyways. If I want to sleep that is.
  3. Sleep is genuinely an important part of life – You see, I tried the whole sleep less so you can do more in the day thing and I learned that it doesn’t work. Being a content creator means you have to have a lot of bright ideas…like every single day…and write about them in an upbeat way which is really hard to do when you’re a zombie so I’ve been keeping an eye on the time to make sure I get enough sleep to be the happiest self I can be in the mornings. Full-time work is a sleep thief.
  4. Organisation is a very real and very necessary part of working life – If you just got a house with your boyfriend and cat children…which I just did, then you have probably used all your savings. I’ve actually had to be organised enough to make a proper effort with food shopping…and then cooking so that I can eat healthy and tasty lunches every single day without spending money on the nearest fast food available (which is KFC and I have yet to go into!) Also you have to set alarms. And pack bags. And not lose your house keys. Or your glasses. Or your oyster card. I actually suck at all of these things but I’m getting better.
  5. London offices are THE most relaxed offices in the world – I have become a late person. I never used to be late to anything and in the last year and a bit I am now late to everything, it is basically a trademark of character now, I might as well build it into the brand, I SUCK, I don’t even know where the time goes. For my entire first week of work I turned up ten minutes later than I intended to. You’d think I’d have just realised I needed to leave ten minutes earlier, right? Or not, because from Tuesday to Friday I was still the first person in the office. London offices seem to request that you turn up some time between 8 and half 10 in the morning, it is wonderfully laid back when it comes to that and no one cares what time you turn up so long as you do eight hours of work.
  6. I chose the right career path – By doing the thing I love day in, day out, using social media to raise a company’s profile, I learned perhaps the most important lesson yet: I did the right thing. This is what I’m good at and anyone who says social media isn’t a real job hasn’t had multiple accounts on multiple platforms to manage along with 60 emails an hour. (Granted, most of those are for this website which is my home-time workload). Social media is so important today and is only going to increase its reach and impact and anticipating trends and making content is what I’m good at. I’m glad I didn’t go into law, the ‘real’ job that would have given me grey hair before my time!

I hope all you happy grads having just as much fun adjusting to full-time!

H x


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