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Hello lovelies,

Feast your eyes on this season must have! I spotted the ‘reversible vegan leather burgundy and black colorblock tote bag‘ at the end of August when the new Autumn fashion lines started to make their way into stores and I fell in love with it immediately. I’ve never really purchased a bag with the specific theme of Autumn in mind but I did think this would be perfect. (Not sure when this will go live but I thought I’d note that I bought this mid September, so if this is no longer in stock when this post goes live then I am really sorry!)

As a quick review of the bag, I do have a few things I’d like to say. Firstly, the size is perfect to fit A4 folders into as well as all the other essentials so as a student bag, it really does well. The shoulder straps are the perfect length and really comfortable. The inside zip pouch (removable) is really great, I like to keep my phone and my card holder in there because I always need to reach for my phone, my oyster and my contactless card so I love that there’s a thin leather strap which connects it to the handle because it makes it SO much easier to find the pouch when you need it!

As I said, the colour is perfect, would match with a lot of autumnal berry lipsticks…y’know, if that’s something that you’re into…I am! The reversible element of the bag is genius and it does look good too, it’s just plain black if you wear it that way. I, personally, prefer the burgundy but maybe as the seasons change, so will my taste. I also think reversible handbags, aside from being incredibly versatile, are a good idea for anyone who is a handbag enthusiast (like myself) and gets bored of their handbags because it adds a new burst of life to a bag if you can change it up a little.

I am a fan of the vegan leather too. It isn’t often that you see vegan leather on the high street, though actually I suppose faux leather is everywhere. Anyway, cows are sacred etc etc BUT to those of you who aren’t familiar with this material, it kind of smells a little fishy. I mean, it’s the equivalent of carrying a tuna sandwich around without tupperware. I am hoping the smell fades with time? Maybe I’ll come back and update this post?

Right, the handbag aside, let’s get to it!

  • Exercise book – I carry my books with my around uni, obviously. These, too, are from urban outfitters but I don’t think you can get them anymore, sadly, they were a fast seller.
  • Valentino purse – I don’t often carry cash but it’s kind of a necessity if I plan on visiting the student union after lectures because the cash machine there is a bit hit and miss. This purse is gorgeous and is hot pink on the inside and I love bags and purses that pretend to be something on the outside but have a colourful surprise on the inside.
  • Ted Baker cosmetic pouch – This actually doesn’t just have cosmetics in it, it also carries two pens, a highlighter, some book stickers, hand sanitiser, Usb stick and Tunes in it. But it does also have the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, Nivea lip balm, Clinique Anti Redness pressed powder, Vaseline Cocoa Butter, Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me, paracetamol, mini Valentina Acqua Florale perfume, a hair clip and my house keys!
  • Umbrella – The rain showers are here!
  • Headphones- must have for my bus rides!
  • Filofax – it’s pretty and it’s useful and I have a lot going on so all of my work shifts, uni seminars, lectures and deadlines go in here.
  • Phone – sits in the inner pouch so I can find it and it doesn’t get scratched at the bottom of the bag.
  • Cardholder – this is from Accessorise last year, it’s perfect and inside I have: my Lloyds card, my Santander contactless card which is also my uni student ID and lets me into every building and take out library books etc, my Oyster card, my driving license, my Thorpe Park annual pass.
  • House keys.
  • Phone charger – my new ‘Techlink Recharge’ is my new baby! I picked it up in the Apple store not long ago and it has been saving my phone’s life on the go ever since!

That wraps it up. I hope this was interesting, somewhat. I always love these kind of posts because I’m nosey and sometimes people have weird and wonderful things in their handbags. It also shows you what people class as daily essentials which I think is also cool.

Do you guys switch up your handbags seasonally?

Hannah x


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