What’s in my bag?

Its Tuesday so that means a new blog post!

I love being nosey and taking a peek into what other people carry around in their bags; I think it says a lot about a person! So without further ado this is the stuff I carry in my bag!

As you guys know, I have been loving the Zara ‘Office City Bag’, the review of which can be found HERE.


In the first open pocket I carry: breath mints, a comb, my body shop Hemp handcream (which is amazing  by the way), body spray, chewing gum, my diary planner, a small jotterpad and a pen, tissues, my housekeys and my sunnies. I don’t tend to carry much more than that in this pocket because it’s open. I also have a few packets of painkillers and plasters because you just never know!

In the center padded pocket is typically where you’d find my surface! It hides away in this gorgeous handmade sleeve I bought from a small shop on Etsy!

In the other open pocket I carry my super lactase pills in case I need to eat something with lactose in, a water bottle because its always important to stay hydrated, my ipod and headphones and a mini make up bag, the contents of which include a compact mirror, face powder, mascara, hair grips and two chubbysticks: chunky cherry red for colourful days and more subtle watermelon. In the padded pocket bit is my kindle, safely tucked away!

In the back zipper pocket I have my purse, sweater, a beanie hat and my journal. I like to carry a sweater and hat around with me because I get cold super easily being small and having bad circulation! And I always keep a journal and have done ever since I could write. It’s a great way to document your life and appreciate your blessings!

And of course my phone, which is chucked in whichever pocket I can be bothered to place it in before I leave my house!

P.S. I realise, since making this blogpost, that I carry entirely too much crap!

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