What’s in My Bedroom?


Hello lovelies,

I thought that I might participate in more tags. I think they’re fun to do and it gives you guys more of a personal insight so, the first tag I am going to give into is…the ‘what’s in my bedroom’ tag! I also thought that this one would be useful to those of you moving out or going to university, thinking how on Earth you might make your crummy student or budget flat look homey. I think I did the best I could with my place…and I love it! Without further ado here is what’s in my bedroom!


Welcome, welcome, this is my room as it looks from the door, minus another rug, the wardrobe and my gym stuff which are on the back wall behind the camera. As you can see, my bedroom is quite white yet this allows me to jazz it up with pretty much any colour etc. I think the features I’ll pick out in this photo are my jazzy mandala rugs- two black, two white, and my books along the back wall- both philosophy and fiction, and then I also have a signed Shannon Saunders poster with cat lanterns underneath it. Fairy lights make any room cute, am I right?!



My bedding is plain white. I literally kitted out my bed with sheets etc for £20 with Ikea. I have a big problem with spending money regularly buying and changing my bedsheets because I feel like it’s the quickest way to change how a room looks. Anyway, I have white sheets and geometric cushions to dress them. Then, in the corner of my bed, I place more cushions because I like to sit there and use the edge of my desk to do work or read etc. The lamp there is really good for reading because the lighting in my room isn’t great. It’s just a cosier way of getting stuff done rather than sitting down at a desk properly. This picture also features my current reading: The Year I Met You and Indian Philosophy.


PicFrame-10Speaking of productivity, this is my desk and my books, along with my dresser so you can have a nosey at that too. On my desk, I have my iPad, my ‘Let’s Blog Some Shit’ notebook and my FiloFax which organises my life, hence the friendly ‘Crap’, ‘Help’ and ‘Don’t Panic’ stickers. I also have some pretty crystals, my macbook and my phone with a cute ‘Do nut be sad’ case on! My dresser has my coffee machine, pods, cute teacup, some photos and my make up. I have a cosmetic organiser and just hold my brushes in a glass filled with pretty stones and crystals. Along my wall I have my Philosophy books all piled up- all of which I’ve read (go me!). I also have books for enjoyment, featuring Russell Brand, Cecelia Ahern, Lauren Oliver and David Nicholls. Some of these I have read, some are unread and waiting.

So, my room is busy looking, filled with books and stuff but is also very clean and organised! Other than my wardrobe and storage cupboard and gym stuff, you have seen the entire contents of my bedroom. A lot of stuff can be done with uni bedrooms to make them really represent you and make you feel at home. And I did most of this totally on the cheap!

Hannah x






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