What’s in my Desk Space?


Hello lovelies,

I’m not going to lie to you, the reason I am writing this post is because my statistics inform me that, maybe because school and uni are coming up, a lot of you are viewing my old ‘Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind’ post and I clicked it and am honestly so ashamed about the state of my desk there that I decided to give you an updated one!

Feast your eyes and have a nosey at my current desk space, taken seconds before I actually opened my laptop to write this as I am right now.

So this is my desk, I like to keep it looking fresh and bright and inspiring enough that I don’t mind sitting here to write and study for hours on end. On the right, behind Sid, you can see, from front to back, my filofax, my journal and my iPad in it’s keyboard case. These three things are important things that I reach for all the time so that’s why I keep them so close, on my desk.

To the right is my lamp which I use to read books under. Front and centre is, obviously, my macbook, my most prized possession, I’d be lost without it. This is where the magic happens. Also on the right we have all of my uni books and my blogging book where I have a hundred lists of blogs ideas, things I need to write, a list of header image ideas and a schedule of when I might be able to take the photos then another list of scheduled editing time and then a general list of what dates posts are going to be published on so I know when to expect contact from you guys and I can see what genre I’ve been missing lately etc.

Oh yeah, and I always keep my phone on my desk, as pictured bottom left, but I try to keep it face down so that I don’t get distracted by every single notification that lights up my phone!

And, to state the obvious, I have lots of crystals, my cacti too and, my glass full of pens and decorated with more pretty stones and crystals- and my cute bunny USB stick. I am a sucker for gimmicks.

Do you guys tidy up a bit for a new term? Kind of like a spring clean but autumn?


Hannah x


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